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Proto Matrix Rail 2010

04 January 2011 - 10:08 PM

Just pick this guy up a few days ago from Discount Paintball in freezing Chicago, IL, and now i just want some general knowledge about the marker.
I've shot a case through it in the back yard with a Rotor and shoots great, real consistent. I just re-lubed the bolt because the factory stuff was like pink goo and i didn't think it was worth keeping on the bolt so i wiped it clean, lubed it with slick lube and but it back in. One question though, with under 1000psi in my tank will the bolt leak when low on air? because i got like 5 shots off and that was it.

Let me know! thanks

G4 vs PMR10 w/free rotor

26 December 2010 - 11:51 PM

So I've grown out of my Tippmann, not that there bad markers just i want something more. I'm looking for light weight, accuracy, stealthiness (quiet) and some efficiency. I open to options and my only requirements are that the gun should be new (parents request) and in the $300 price range. Also would it be a better choice for me to buy a Pinokio Loader and a nice Ninja tank before a gun? Wait for GOG paintball to release the eXtcy and G-1 (I really wanted and SP-1) ?
Thanks and the link for the deal on the PMR10 is :