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In Topic: ICP B5 help

07 July 2014 - 03:36 AM

does it have all the internals that it's supposed to have? does it have a sear? are you sure that it's not already cocked? hav you tried gassing it up and pulling the trigger with a fresh battery?

In Topic: Playing Against Newbies

03 July 2014 - 11:20 AM

I'll one ball with an electro on rentals, I will only roll on a trigger when I'm playing with rentals if i know the person I'm shooting at has played before and can i know will be okay with getting hit once or twice or if the person I'm shooting at is bonus balling or wiping.



I run my G6R and just run semi 6 or so.  There's no reason to swap guns out, just turn down the fire rate and let them know it.  Most people I've run with have no care as long as the fire rate is similar to what they have.



While I do have multiple markers with batteries and not doesn't mean I need to keep a mechanical marker to play walk-ons/rentals.

Proper trigger control is good enough and actually using the common sense not to throw ropes at people who aren't as good as you.

People just need to know when and how to turn it down...


these guys have the right idea. it's all about trigger control.

In Topic: Playing Against Newbies

03 July 2014 - 11:12 AM

Does anyone else always keep their old stacked tube blowback with them at the rec ball field just in case a group of 98 toting kids comes along?  I never use my electro against a team with mechs unless they have a player with an electro or if a pump snob who thinks they're better than everyone else is playing because let's be honest, who doesn't like to mow down a pump snob? (the 40 year old ones with converted 2003 WGP autocockers and cf barrels not kids with jt pump pistols)


I hate seeing kids turn away from the sport because of people who just ramp through a crowd of players who are renting.  My local field has both of their airball fields under maintenance so only the four pseudo-woodsball fields are open and most of the people there are using rentals on Saturdays and those who aren't have 98s of their own.


so just because you're old and using a pump, you're suddenly a snob? get real dude...

I know alot of people try to go easy on rentals but you know what? I spent a lot of money on my setup and guns and im gonna use them. I got lit up all the time when i first started playing. If youre going to stop playing paintball after one bad experience youre probably a quiter in any setting anyway. I go out there to have fun and WIN, not babysit someone elses kids, sorry. The field i go to is anything goes on the woodsball field so i let them have it.


awesome, you had a bad experience so now it's ok to do the same to others. nice attitude.

In Topic: How should i improve my woodsball loadout

17 June 2014 - 03:17 PM

I need some players to help inform me on how to improve my woodsball loadout, I would say i am decent with the loadout i have but i feel it could be improved,

My current loadout is
Tippman a5 marker (stock) (custom woodland painted)
Ninja 68/45 tank
Remote line
Valken 4+1 harness(tank hurts my back when i run or prone)
Bdu woodland pants
Olive drab t shirt
Empire arm sleeve/ elbow pads
Condor knee pads
Under armor running shoes
V force grill
2 shemagh (neck/head)

When playing woodsball i am a intense front player i love to run up as far as possible and prone and wait for unsuspecting front players,
So i need to be mobile and accurate and have enough paint to get the job done, i need my front body to be cleared so i can prone with ease also i am very skinny so bulky vests tend to slip, also im looking for ways to improve my marker. Please help me


in that case, a lighter, more compact marker might make things easier for you. tippmanns are relatively heavy, and rather long which can make it more difficult to play tight to a bunker when you need to.


I have an azodin blitz for speedball nd a prophecy wirh a ninja 68 tank should i try using that in woodsball?


yes, of course. there is no such thing as a "woodsball" marker; use whatever works for you. it certainly wouldn't hurt to try that setup for a day and see how it goes. you could also try it with your remote line just to try that option out, although i personally wouldn't run it that way for long. the marker would likely be too front-heavy, which makes the barrel less responsive and harder to whip around quickly. also, the loss of a stock (tank being the stock) would affect your stability and aim.

In Topic: Is this a hazard?

17 June 2014 - 03:10 PM

this is a cosmetic issue only, and does not affect the structural integrity of the tank. also, this is a manufacturering defect. contact empire and they will give you instructions on how to get it sent back to be re-sprayed.