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joey da barber

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question on a Dark Geo2

25 January 2013 - 10:11 PM

hey guys i recently purchased a dark geo2 ..... the guy i purchased it from changed the frame because the original got bent, does that hurt the originality of the gun being its a private label ? and also how can i tell what dark geo2 i have , is there somewhere to put the serial number to find out what number it is or what color it was originally ? thanks for your help in advance !

problems with site

14 December 2012 - 02:55 PM

Hello my name is joey .. I'm on the site thru my phone rite now ..but last night I was on my laptop and I was trying to change my signature and I was in the settings mode and for some reason the site got real small like I can barely read anything .. now everything else is fine ...but only the techpb site in in micro letters ..dis I hit something by accident ..can someone please help this is very frustrating... What I'm doing is going in my phone and looking at all the settings and trying to see if anything says about making the letters bigger ..but I can't find anything.. please email me
joeydabarber@gmail.com or call me .. I have a Dell insprion model n7010 if that matters ...Please help!

problems with techpb on my laptop

14 December 2012 - 04:07 AM

Hello to whom it may concern ... I was on my laptop which is thDell insprion 17r model # n7010..ok so all was fine until i wanted to adjust my Sig. And my profile... Some how some way I made the techpb site very small I mean I can barely see anything on the site .. so I went on my phone but to no avail... Can someone please help ..call me at 908-414-1961. Or email
joeydabarber@gmail.com please I'm begging someone help me to fix this problem ..even If I have to shut it down and redo another...but its very aggravating...I'm sure you can understand,thank you in advance ..my name is joey...all ur help is definitely needed ...thanks again joey P...