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98 custom help!

12 June 2011 - 09:00 PM

what should or can i do to my 98 custom??? i need directions, or links, or videos on how to do the mods. i have no really special tools like a dremel or whatever its called. i have average around the house tools, and some other tools (my dad is a contractor/carpenter, so anything really relating to that).
its completely stock, besides a 21 inch barrel, a rap4 adjustable stock, and a drop forward i bought off eBay. i painted the marker and barrel flat black, and am now adding a clear coat to turn them into more of a gloss black color, and i am painting all of the bolts and nuts and the front sights silver to make it look like a beast.

also, any items i could purchase for my 98 custom that you guys like? just looking for an all around badass marker.

so if you guys have any links or any videos or advice, please, help a fellow paintballer out!
here it is, before gloss paint, and before silver nuts/bolts.
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Planet Eclipse vs. Dye

09 May 2011 - 09:14 PM

discuss the differences and pros/cons or the two companies :) ill observe, and be the great person that started this thread :)

hyper 3

07 May 2011 - 09:08 PM

will a hyper 3 reg fit on a DP G3 Spec-r?
it would be good to know, cuz they sent me a bad reg on it out of the box and i need a new one. and these are the sexiest/highest quality.

my DP G3 spec-r problems

24 April 2011 - 01:09 PM

took my basically brand new G3-spec R out this weekend to play, and it wouldnt chrono consistent, the first shot would always chrono a high 300 around 350's or 360's, and every shot after that would be really really low, like in the 110'2 to 120's, and then just be really inconsistent, it would jump all over the place. so took off my reg, took out the piston dealy (forgot what to call it) and re assembled my shim stack the proper way (it wasnt in the wrong order to begin with)and re-attached my reg. Now it just has a huge leak, depending on where my velocity is set at, it either leaks out one of the holes in the reg or just leaks out the bolt. i cant figure it out. before it started leaking like that the gun tech at the place i was playing at said it was my reg that was causing my inconsistancy. its pretty much brand new, fresh out of the box besides a pod of paint i shot in the back yard. and i need a new regulator??
and another problem im having is there is extremely excessive bolt wear for the amount of paint i have shot thru the gun, and its in multiple spots. so im thinking something is wrong with the milling inside the gun? i dont know.
any help would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated. thank you.

my G3 spec-r wont shcono consistant

23 April 2011 - 11:27 PM

title is supposed to read " my G3 spec-r wont chrono consistant", i dont know how i messed that up.... ANYWAY!

i got my new G3 spec-r and i was taking out this weekend to try it out in my first actual game, i had already put a pod thru it in my back yard, but whatever. so i go to chrono my gun, and it chronos a 350, then drops WAY down to like 120's for the next like 3 balls, then just is all over hell, shooting a 200 and then like a 110 then like a 130 then like another 220. its just shooting REALLY INCONSTANT. i took it to the tech guy at the counter, and he asks me if i have a fresh battery, yes, and then in an instant he tells me its my reg. its like brand new, first game, and i need to replace my reg? its not under warranty, it has been sitting around for a few weeks after i had bought it on sale at redcell.
Also, i just took our my bolt, and there is excessive wear in 2 different spots, both about half way down the bolt, im thinking something is wrong with the milling inside the gun? i cant tell.
thanks for the help
aaaaannndd now its just making a really loud leaking noise that sounds like its coming from everywhere when i hook the tank to the gun.
i just got this gun and ive about had enough