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20 March 2014 - 09:51 AM


You can afford to get one first, $100 is a drop in the bucket copmared to $1000 :tup:



Not when I don't have a job and no source of income and it takes me forever to scrounge $100, and would take me just as long to replace it. :(


Plus, if I get a Mosin, then I'm going to want to get a sling for it, and ammo, and a parts kit, and a bore brush, and, and, and...



Mosins will always be kicking around cheap, but once the CMP is out of Garands then there won't be a cheap source for them and the prices will only go up, unfortunately. So I need to get one of those while I can.




No job blows, I'm kind of feeling that now since work at the machine shop is slow.


But when you buy a Mosin, aside from ammo you get everything you need and some stuff you don't even want.  You get the sling, some ammo pouches, the cleaning kit with the ends for the rod in the rifle, the multi-tool, a bottle of mollasses, and a blood stained leather pouch.  Toss out the bottle of mollasses and the pouch, and as long as you have another rifle of some kind you'll already have cleaning patches, solvent, and oil.  As was mentioned a few posts ago, 7.62x54r is dirt cheap.



Can't argue with the Garand availability, though.  They are drying up quickly.  At least the M1As aren't going anywhere soon and they are a decent replacement for a functioning M1 pattern rifle.  Don't nearly have the nostalgia, but are in a more economical round, have tons of parts and accessories, and most importantly have manufacturer support!



I'd love an M1 as well, but if I could at least get an M1A I'd still be happy.

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19 March 2014 - 02:47 PM


... Just need a recoil pad..

And a 2x4 to cycle the bolt.



Not if you clean the cosmo out of the chambers properly.  I can cycle both my Mosins from the shoulder.



As far as getting this then that then something else before getting a Mosin, consider this.


Excellent grade M1 Garand = $1000

Springer M1A Standard = $1500

Decent AR15 of some kind = $1000-$1500

High quality AK pattern rifle = $1000


Mosin Nagant M91/30, round-receiver = $100



You can afford to get one first, $100 is a drop in the bucket copmared to $1000 :tup:

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15 March 2014 - 06:28 PM

Damn, it used to be half that for Minimags!


Too bad you can't reload .22lr...

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12 March 2014 - 04:28 AM

Have you tried ImpactGuns?



Don't ever use CheaperThanDirt.  They are scumbags driven by profit and were the first ones to throw gun owners under the bus when the scare got the better of us.


Selling cheap ARs for thousands more than they were worth, selling Magpul Pmags for close to $100 a piece, steel-case TulAmmo 9mm for $60 a box, and worse.

IIRC they stopped selling guns period for a while, and started cancelling orders that were already placed and awaiting shipment just so they could sell those items at a higher price later.


Imagine ordering a shotgun for $500.  You go through the checkout, give them your info, pay the $500, get the e-mail confirmation, and wait for the tracking number.  A day or two later, you get an e-mail saying "Hey dude, that shotgun your ordered?  Yeah, it's now $1000.  So, you owe us another $500 before we can ship it.  K thanks bye!"  And you either pay it or say F off and cancel your order...



CheaperThanDirt?  More like LowerThanDirt...

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11 March 2014 - 06:48 AM

Lucky enough for me, I'm only a few hour drive from a range that is incorperated into the Indiana State Department of Natural Resources.



IIRC, they have a 25 yard pistol, 50, 100, and 225 yard rifle, and few hundred yard shotgun clay range.



Nothing fancy: grass, sand/dirt berms as bullet-stops, fence posts with chicken-wire stretched out as the target backers (clothes-pin on some cardboard, staple-gun on a paper target), wooden "picnic benches" as shooting platforms, gravel parking lot...


But, there's no caliber restriction, you can choose to either leave your brass or collect it, the range is self-policing as far as "hot" and "cold" (if you want to change target you tell the person(s) next to you and they pass on the word, shooters on the ends contact each other with thumbs up/down and yell range hot/cold, all shooters set down weapons and step back, once everyone is comfortable the range is accessed), and the range-master is very relaxed while keeping a watchful eye on everyone.

He'll let you rapid fire as long as you can handle it and it isn't overly distracting to other shooters, and he's a trained and equipped paramedic in case of any emergency.


Best part about it all?  It's 100% free.  The range is funded by donations and fees associated with local hunting/fishing permits.  If you want to shoot there, you sign a liability waiver, mark off how many people are in your group on the range use document, and head on over.  Open sunrise to sunset, all shooters welcome!