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24 March 2015 - 07:05 PM


The rest on ammo, if there is any left...






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24 March 2015 - 12:05 AM

Is there a better rifle you can buy with that $5k?



I can think of about 3 "better" rifles to get with $5k.


At least one is a Noveske :P

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20 March 2015 - 09:58 PM

I'd only say not to do it if you only plan on selling local. I'd have a really hard time saying no to a 590A1 and a pair of Mosins, depending on how much shipping would cost, and how long I'd have to scrape together the money. whistling.gif


Even though I need to save money for automotive tools for class this fall, since obviously you need the money more than I do... :P



Well, I know selling to a shop would be a huge mistake as I'd only get a fraction of the worth of the items.  Consignment is an option but I'd still lose 15% of the selling price and the local shop's policy is I don't get a check until 30 days after the sale, so it could be a while before I see $$.  Plus there'd be no way for me to sell them the ammunition I have stocked up so I'd be stuck with some expensive paperweights.  IIRC I can't legally sell ammo in Illinois without being an FFL, so me selling ammo to another private party is risky.  I'll have to check the laws again.

Selling to someone I know is the best option, but I pretty much asked all my friends and family and they forwarded the messages to their friends and family and I got no bites...


I would be willing to sell out of state, but I don't know what laws are involved.  I've done private sales face to face without going through an FFL (legal in Illinois as long as I get solid documentation that I sold it.  Bill of sale, signatures, dates, copy's of firearm owners ID and driver's license, etc), but I don't know how shipping it would work.  It might have to go through an FFL or something.


If you are serious and want a pair of Mosins and a 590A1, PM me and we can talk about it.  Hell, did you say you were planning on being in the area sometime this year anyway?

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19 March 2015 - 11:44 PM

So, I found something I need to buy.

It's a motorcycle.  Specifically, this one:




It's a 2007 KTM 990 SuperDuke.  It's $7000.  Been missing a motorcycle ever since mid fall when I had to sell my Suzuki GS500 to make ends meet since I was practically jobless and needed a car for the approaching winter.  It's too bad because the car I bought I absolutely hate and want to be rid of it as soon as possible.  I've got the summertime blues hard right now with recent good weather, so I started looking for bikes again.


This little gem I got to see last year but it was at a time when I wasn't in the market.  The dealership still has it now, and I went up there to look at it and I've become enamored with it!  It's perfect!  I was originally planning on getting some cheap bike and if I was going to finance it would be a Yamaha FZ-07, which is the same price, but this KTM just calls to me.  

I've never felt so drawn to anything before in my life!  I think about it day and night, I've gone up to look at it twice in the past month and each time I get a contact adrenaline rush from it.  It's not just a badass bike, it's rare as a white rhino around here!  I've only ever seen ONE in real life and it's this one, and it's incredibly impressive in the look, sound, build quality, and condition.  I need to make this happen, I need to get this bike, and soon because I don't want this to slip away to some other buyer.  It could be my only realistic chance of owning a KTM in the next several years!


Currently I'm working two jobs with approximatly 60hrs a week total, making just over $2000 a month.  Not spectacular but it's the most I've ever made at any given time, and definitely comfortable to float an $8000 loan or so.  No go.  I tried with a dealership and with a credit union and both said that my financial situation is good but my credit history is a problem.  I was essentially unemployed for about 6 months and fell behind on my credit cards, so my credit score is whacked.  I've already caught up on 75% of what I owe in excess of my limits, and will be back to regular payments by the end of this month.  It's not as bad as it could be, but it's down in the dumps...

CU told me if I could get a cosigner I'd get a loan.  No such luck.  Noone I know will cosign with me and the one person who would has no credit, so he'd never get approved...


And the last option is a layaway.  I need a minimum of $1000 down and there's a $100 retainer per month it's being stored at the dealership.  I think that's my best option, but if I want to actually own and be riding this thing in the summer I'm going to need to make some sacrifices.  My $2000 a month income obviously is not all going to go towards the bike.  I have gas, insurance, credit bills, cell-phone, and living necessities costs.  I figure I can swing about $1000 a month towards the bike and be comfortable.  At that rate, I won't have this bike until weather starts getting colder again.

I'd sell my car for the bike; I want to be rid of it anyway but I can't really sell it before I pick the bike up.  I might be able to make the final payment on the bike with the $$ I get selling the car, I'm figuring on $1500 for the car.  And with this figure I'd have it by August/September.  Not good enough.


And I started looking around at what I own.  My PC could bring $1000, but my PC is my second life.  I can't be rid of it.  I have little misc paintball gear and other crap I can sell, but it's nothing substantial.  $100 here, $100 there.  It'd help, but I can't count it towards the bike.


The one thing that I can sell and get a good chunk of change for, that I don't use much anymore anyway, are my firearms.   :unsure:

I've got an AR I can likely get over $1000 for, my 1911 I already have a buyer for who is offering me $600 for, my Mossberg 590A1 I can probably get $300 for, my JC Higgens 16gauge (maybe $100?), both my Mosins (M44 and M91/30, maybe $200 for the pair), and my Browning Buckmark ($200?).  I also have a bunch of ammo for them all, and although I technically can't sell the ammo I can adjust the cost of my firearms to include the rounds and just "give the ammo away with the gun".

All together I can land probably a solid $2500.  And that would mean I can get the bike in about 3 months, June, just in time for my birthday...


I'm seriously considering it extremely hard.  I told myself I'd never sell my guns, but right now I'm going insane.  I'm borderline obsessed with that KTM, and I've never been able to say that about ANYTHING!  I've had huge pride of ownership in many things before: my CCM T2, my Automags, previous motorcycles, my mountainbike, my drumset...  Ultimately those things all left my possession either out of necessity or to fund bigger and greater things.  I think the time has come for my guns...


And I know you all are gonna say not to do it, that a bike can always be bought but a gun might not considering all the anti-gun peoples in big government, and if there was a way to better fund the bike and keep the guns I'd do it.  But right now I KNOW I'd get long and frequent (daily) use out of a bike, and currently I get extremely infrequent use of my firearms.  This rationalization doesn't make the decision any easier, but it's all I have right now... :(

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03 March 2015 - 12:39 AM

Not sure what yall are debating about but if some dude were to pull a knife on me, and threaten my life, regardless of the pocket change, I would probably shoot him. Like I would tell him to leave first, and that if he were to approach me, I would consider it him trying to assault me. I'm sure I have some law stuff wrong but anyways.


I'm sure other countries have bizarre laws (or rather, ones that seem bizarre to us) concerning assailant's rights and such.  Like, I think I've heard that in Italy even if someone is breaking into your home if you shoot him it's considered attempted murder and you will see trial for defending your "castle".  It might even be the case if he physically assaults you, something to the tune of "escalating the situation".  In other words, the only way you can use a gun in self defense is if he uses a gun to attack.  Could be hearsay, I don't remember where or from whom I got it.


I'm more on the doctrine that if you are mugging me or invading my home, you are doing so under the condition to do me harm.  Burglary is one thing, robbery is another.  The only reason you would force your way into my home while I'm there is to do me harm, and I will respond with violence.

Of course, though, having a guy pull a knife out in an alley on you and the first thing you do is reach for a gun you'll be stabbed before you can even get it close to being on target.  The distance required for draw and shoot is a lot bigger than you'd expect.  In that situation it would be better to cooperate unless you are trained in hand-to-hand and willing to risk your life and safety over a wallet and maybe a watch.

If you are cooperating, then when the guy has your valuables and is fleeing you kind of have no right to shoot him in the back since he's no longer a threat to you.  It's a tough call.