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In Topic: why punkworks havent had A vid on youtube in a year?

07 May 2014 - 04:31 AM

Thanks for sharing and for all of your (everyone's - this includes the patience and support of associated members' families) dedication and hard work toward this subject and contributions - still nice to have some sort of an idea or an update once in a few months regardless. If it is paintball related or not does not matter much anyway. :tup:


As for myself, I have been tied up with going to school for a little while now and am making steady progress. It's just taking me longer than I thought it would before I will be finishing it. I plan to get back into paintball some this year and next year though. I have been going maybe %45 school and %45 family, and maybe %8 research outside of school into a possible side business to help things get by and then %2 me... or maybe %1. I hope to change that to getting back into playing paintball every once in a while.


Gordon... 25 mins 5K is a great time! I'm a terrible runner and would be happy to break the 30 minute barrier! I think my best time might have been somewhere around 33 to 36 minutes - can't remember because it's been a little while since I ran a 5K event.


(I'm more into cycling as I commute at least 12 miles every day by bicycle and many days it's more than that as I go to as many places by bicycle as I can. Then on the weekends I do 20-60 mile rides -some with major elevation gain.) It might take me longer to get to destinations but I am saving a lot of money doing things this way and hopefully it's healthier for me too as I don't get much if any other exercise as my time is very limited.

In Topic: CAD work

05 May 2014 - 01:32 AM

Nice work! I'm trying to find enough side time to learn SolidWorks and I might try out NX as well. I am trying to build all of my parts that I wish to use with my custom build marker projects. It's difficult for me to figure out how to remake the correct turns, angles, curves, and to make them symetrical on both sides of a marker... needless to say, I'm still learning!


I am going to school for mechanical engineering but I'm having to take more lower end classes before I meet the requirements of the University Bachelors level program. Kind of sucks because I already had an Associates Degree... just not in Engineering *shrugs* but the part that sucks is that I'm doing about the same amount of additional credits that would be required for an additional Associates Degree.

In Topic: Official Cocker Owners Club - Numero Deuce (V2)

05 May 2014 - 01:22 AM

I would like to be added back onto the Cocker Owners Club please. Just let me know what I need to do. - I've been busy with school for a while and away from paintball also because of it... thus I haven't had time for anything social on the Internet in a while as well. I aim to get back into paintball and project markers as well. I am resurrecting a Pre-2K Planet Eclipse (undrilled) Autococker. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to keep it all original to play with for a while or update it slightly by a few years... :) I'll post pictures soon.

In Topic: Autococker manufacturers

29 April 2014 - 04:31 AM


List of autocockers...
Taken from:


Now if we can just get a picture of both sides of each and every one of these markers in their original configurations and formats! THEN this will become my favorite ultimate single page on all of the Internet/Web!

In Topic: Cockerpunk's Old Guns Tour

29 April 2014 - 04:25 AM

Ahem... CockerPunk? I'm going to have to send you my Pre-2K Planet Eclipse Autococker. Think you could cover the story behind the company, the situation of the Autococker companies of that time period (90's), and maybe a little about their path/thoughts/and changes toward the company they are today - including a list of people that are original to the company from back then up/until now? I would be interested to learn more history on my marker from you as you seem to be pretty knowledgable about markers from around that time through the 1990-present. I was going to rebuild it into my own vision of a sweet woodsball marker with some updated parts and whatnot but I could piece it together in the original format when I received it for the Old Guns Tour - I'll let it be your call. If I set it up like it originally was... I just need to get my parts together for my brass three-way and rebuild the 'Cocker and time it before I send it over to you. Maybe I could get this done after my Finals are over with. Tell me what you think... I also have an all original (and I believe timed - though I have never put air through it) Hybrid Quest Numatix that I could also send along with it for a look at the story behind that one too - it's another interesting piece and I know nothing about that companie's history or how that marker came about. A third runner up... though it's still undergoing /Renditioning/, I have a Bob Long Species marker that is close to the looks (not ano color though) of Mike Phillips' Rendition Species. I'm trying to make mine into a Rendition Species but at the same time I am contemplating doing more to mine than Mike did to his. (Mike, if you are reading this, I'd love to have a chat with you about that project.)