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how can i start a paintball group?

26 January 2011 - 10:59 PM

hey guys me and a few friends been wanting to get a paintball group on the go and i been wondering is there any way 4 or 5 people could bring paintball to our town.... or even is there any way that we could get a co2 suppler or even hpa the closest place we could get a refill is a 3 hour drive so its not exactly easily accesable, if we could just get a supplyer i know we could get at very least 15 people to join but we dont even have a co2/hpa supplyer gear rental or anything best we have is a canadian tire store that sells waht little gear they have for rediculas prices (i was looking a a 20 oz co2 tank today for $50 no fill included) and i can get cheeper than that online including shipping online... basically what im asking is, is there any way i can introduce paintball to my town and create a stable market for it? and yeah i know it all depends on how many people i can get interested but any advice on how to get started would be great!

starter gear?

13 January 2011 - 08:52 PM

hey guys me and my friends been talking about getting a paintball group going on in our town (most of us are beginners but we do have a few friends who have played before... anyway i thought i would take a look at some equipment for myself to get started and make sure i like paintball also it would be greatly appreciated if i could get a opinion from someone on the equipment i picked out ohh and keep in mind that i live in a pretty small town (approx 4000 people) thus no place to rent a paintball gun or any other equipment which is why im thing about starting to purchase the equipment soon
1.)Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun http://www.ansgear.c...inkaosblack.htm
2.)PMI Pure Energy Aluminum 48/3000 Basic Tank http://www.ansgear.c...483kbasichp.htm
3.)Invert Too Paintball Hopper http://www.ansgear.c...ader_s/1481.htm
4.)Proto EL Switch Paintball Mask http://www.ansgear.c...omskelblack.htm

also i dont exactly plan on buying the equipment in that order i just wanted someone opinion on wither or not this looked like a good start for someone to get into paintball and also i am just starting up so i want to try to keep the prices relativly low but any other suggestions would be great too!
thanks allot for your time!