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In Topic: Happy New Year! Top 50 Hits of 2015 by Trails of Doom!

04 January 2016 - 11:16 AM

Awesome! glad you liked it! I try to make content that gets people excited about paintball!

In Topic: Paintball Budget $600

09 December 2015 - 12:14 PM

Mask is critical, I use a full helmet, as I don't like getting shot in the back of the head... point blank. I've been using the JT Flex 8 full helmet for 10 years now, (just got a new one for Christmas). I have a vortex 2 fan inside for those rainy or snowy days. and I use a yellow lens as I play in the woods primarily. 


I prefer Tippmann's myself, I use an A-5 and have created a barrel system that shoots much further than traditional barrels without the typical arch. It is a new style flatline with an Apex 2 tip on the end. Shoots very flat when set that way, which is good for shooting through windows and under trees. 


You will need an air tank. With Tippmann's you can get away with co2, but check your local field first as you want something they fill easily (and low cost) I can play all day on 2 20 ounce Co2 tanks no problem (I usually use just one tank). And it costs $3.99 to fill my tank around here. Air tanks are more expensive (20 ounce co2 tanks run around $20) air tanks start at $50 and go up to well over $100. 


The A-5 doesn't need a special battery powered hopper, so you don't need that, with most other guns you will, and those can chew up some cash too...


Be sure to get a cup... Don't play without it, I get shot in the nuts way too often to recommend playing without one. 


I wear camo when I play, and you can get it cheap from walmart. Speedball gear is more expensive, but looks "hip". 


I wear good gloves when I play and full boots that cover my ankle so I don't sprain it... I use Rocky's myself with the big rubber toe on the front. 


Paint varies by area, always check your paint before you buy, as all paint stored/shipped incorrectly will be crap. So look at each bag before you pay good money for it! Find VERY round paint no dimples no visible seams... Typically the more expensive the paint the more brittle it will be, you want it to break when it hits your opponent otherwise they aren't out... So good paint matters. 

In Topic: Has techpb officially died?

07 December 2015 - 12:18 PM

If you want the forum back, participate... Look down at the threads below, 0 reply's or 1 reply... THAT is what kills a forum. 


It takes ALL of us to participate, ask questions when someone posts something, get involved, THAT is what makes a forum good. It's just like playing, if ONE guy is up front doing all the work and everyone sits in the back and watches, and doesn't get involved, the game is boring... 


get in the game. 

In Topic: How to Kill a Tank, clowns vs zombies 5.

18 November 2015 - 02:57 PM

I've tried just about every barrel out there... one piece, two piece, hammerheads, Freak kits, J&J, flatline, apex 1 and apex 2, and the new style flatline with the Apex 2 is just so much fun! It can do so many crazy shots that it should be banned... Lol! If people only knew what that barrel can do, they would say it was cheating! 

In Topic: How to Kill a Tank, clowns vs zombies 5.

16 November 2015 - 02:20 PM

Lol, looks normal to me! Hahaha! I've been playing with the MonsterSpin for over 2 years now, so when I use a regular barrel I'm like... this sucks!! I love the extra range it gives me! Guys think they are way out of range, then you nail em!