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19 December 2008 - 05:10 PM

obviously, the brass eagle forum is not a very full one.. but it needs a mod! someone could make a porn thread and get away with it. and the pics thread is ALL text posts. and we have a lot of useless junk. we need to clean it up.

BTW, i did submit an application for it..

edit: i just realized it looks liket his is a thread to get me a mod.. but its not.. we really need some order..

Rainmaker: easily Brass Eagle's best marker ever!

19 December 2008 - 04:43 PM

pre '97: Brass Eagles arsenal included the raptor which was low end compared to tournament grade guns. and the Angel (made by WDP, distributed by BE) which was tournament grade yet much too pricey for most players. they needed a good gun at an afforable price.. DUN DUN DUNNN!

1997: Zap International Amateur Open: Rainmaker was unveiled. At $300, the rainmaker was compared with the WGP Autococker and Airgun Desgsins Automag.

1999: Brass Eagle made the select fire board. This allowed players to use full auto and burst modes. Later in '99 select fire was discontinued due to popularity of Semi

13 BPS semi automatic
3 round burst and full auto with select fire board only
electronic action
bottom line constant air ASA
CO2 or compressed air
adjustable main regulator to set velocity
fixed output pnuematics regulator to power cocking ram
(NOT a double regulated design)
Open bolt
TINY amount of blowback
Rarely breaks paintballs


-precise timing control
-Low cost
-uses 9V instead of battery packs
-Autococker threaded
-vertical feed
-light trigger pull
-low pressure is gentle on paint

-not many aftermarket parts (although with tinkering you can make ANYTHING work)
-looks can be unappealing
-ROF is lower than todays standard
-only semi (except with select fire board)

Autococker/Rainmaker comparison
They are NOTHING alike. completely different design. Barrel threading is the only similarity.

Autococker/Vector comparison
A rainmaker uses the same basic design as a vector and could easil be considered an electric vector. Although they claim the rainmaker was created independent from the vector.. Both guns' patents are under the name Nick Lotacko.

The rainmaker is a two chamber gun. AKA stacked tube. The top tube consists of: bolt, barrel, and the breech. The lower tube consists of: valve, ram, lower bolt, and the hammer. When the gun is not aired up, the pnuematic ram is pushing the lower bolt backwards. The lower bolt and upper bolt are connect by a link pin, so when the pnuematic ram pushes the lower bolt back, the upper bolt also is pushed backwards, allowing a paintball to drop thru the feedneck to the bolt, and awaits take-off. A spring wire detent stops the ball from rolling down the barrel and out. Now, the lower bolt is pushing the mainspring against the hammer. The sear (which is attatched to the hammer) is latched on to the lower bolt. By pulling the trigger, you close the electrical circuit, sending a message to the board, the board now activates a 4 way solenoid valve. This valve releases gas from th front of the ram and sends its to the rear of the ram. The ram now contracts, pulling both bolts, and the hammer forward. When they are all forward, the bolt is closed and sealed, and the sear hits a pin, releasing it from the lower bolt. The mainspring pushes the hammer back into the valve releasing enough gas to fire a shot. After a pre-determined delay, the control circuit resets the 4 way, returning to the rest state. This sends pressure from the rear of the bolt to the front, sending the bolts and hammer to the back for the next ball to drop.
Thought it was a long process? Imagine that 13 times a second!

heres a visual for you so its easier to sling onto..

Now, don't go throw your rainmaker in the tub, but it is not effected by dampness or water that you would normally run into in paintball. In a rainmaker review in Action Pursuit Games magazine, the author sprayed the rainmaker with a garden hose for 5 full minutes straight, and it was not in any way effected.

No. The rainmaker will operate on CO2 but HPA is better for almost ANY gun. You will have a more consistent velocity and will be less vulnerable to temperature changes.

Brass Eagle claims it is capable of shooting 13-14 BPS. It is hard to pull above 10 BPS but with the right trigger adjustment and player, it can shoot 14 BPS in semi.

During the summer of '98, a select fire board was released. It provided 3 modes. Semi, full auto, and 3 round burst. Ramping was not yet used... The ROF (rate of fire) is adjusted by dialing a variable resistor which had choices from 4-10 BPS. The mode is selected by unscrewing the grip and using the switch to choose a mode. These boards had an easy tournament mode lock because a tool was required to change the mode so they couldnt change the mode without that tool. In Summer of '99, the select fire board was discontinued and rainmakers got a double finger trigger and went back to semi only.

I AM NOT DONE! i have a about 2x this information left. I'll finish it by Monday.


20 November 2008 - 04:14 PM


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tha tanks look pretty cool, and the regs sound good and the prices are awesome!


20 November 2008 - 04:12 PM

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DP G3 vs. 09 SLG

30 October 2008 - 07:24 PM

which one?