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what barrel should i get?

18 October 2008 - 01:03 PM

ok we all know the ion flames so keep them off of this thread please.

marker = ion xe with the standard upgrades qev, trigger, and feedneck. (minus the barrel of course)

i am willing to spend $50 give or take some.

also, i like to shoot marballizer and evil paint. (bore size)

PS: i had a j&j barrel and i liked it except the bore size was too small. (i would like to be able to vary paint sizes somewhat because deals on good paint 4tw)

i have been considering a CP one piece 14" and a few others. but i would like to hear what techpb thinks.

constructive advice/suggestions appreciated.

thank you.

SplatterPark Ohio

06 October 2008 - 01:26 AM

Raise your hand if you go to SplatterPark.. o/