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In Topic: Ego 11 or Vicious Geo 2

08 October 2012 - 08:54 AM

How many balls have gone through each?

In Topic: BST Under 18 question...

08 October 2012 - 07:48 AM

Alright, thanks Andrew! :D

In Topic: Victory V2 vs Luxe 2.0 vs Geo 2

06 October 2012 - 09:02 PM

I have not owned a vic or even shot one, but I have shot and owned a marq (which is relatively the same thing, though my marq never worked correctly, I used a refs Closer, and have held a vic). To clarify things, the luxe is a regular spool, the Geo 2 is a dump valve spool, and the vic is an inline poppet

Smoothness- geo 2 vs marq they are similar from what I remember, but the marq had a bit of a weird feel to it, idk how to describe it. The luxe obliterates either in smoothness.

Quietness- Luxe hands down is the quietest, and the geo 2 is a bit quieter than the vic and has more of the inherited pufft sound.

Features- Toss up between the luxe and the geo 2. They are pretty comparable when it comes down to what is included in the box. I do say this though, the luxe voice problem is no biggy but you have to take of the grips every time you want to program something. The geo 2's I can program in the middle of a game if I wanted to. I really like the feedneck of the luxe though. It clamps so well to my loader and feels really solid. The vic will come with the bare basics and the led boards get a bit on the irritating side to program.

Reliability- I cant really comment on this yet, I havent taken my luxe out to the field yet (ive owned it since monday). I have changed the o-ring between the frame and the body already though (pretty sure that was just bad luck and it was a used marker). Geo 2 hands down absolutely no problems. I havent even changed a single O ring on it. It just works, and it works all the time. Bob Long, well don't even ask me about them, Im super biased about the reliability of them after receiving 3 dud markers.

Efficiency- Probably the vic then luxe then geo 2. I dont keep track of my air consumption since I have unlimited air at my field. Just make sure to use a decent bore. Yes the luxe is supposed to get better efficiency than the geo 2, but I havent seen that yet because Im forced to use a .693 bore. It causes the luxe to suck down air like it was a soda.

Ergonomics- Toss up between the luxe and geo 2. Undoubtedly the geo 2's trigger is better, but the luxe trigger frame has really grown on me. I do like the weight distribution on the geo 2 better, the luxe feels fairly front heavy (maybe due to the barrel or where the feedneck is placed). Idk what it is. Macro vs macroless does not bug me either, so for me thats not a factor in the ergonomics debate. Ive never liked BL ergos. They just never fit my hands correctly. Luxe has a much longer reach, the geo 2 is a shorter. I do not remember what the vics is like. Im pretty sure its like the geos except maybe a tad longer.

To me its a clear cut choice between the luxe or the geo 2. Its either you want to go the limited maintenance route or the pure performance route. Ill admit im pretty biased here but even stepping back to look at the big picture the only thing the vic wins in this situation is the efficiency and for probably 7/10 paintballers thats not even a big deal.

P.S.- the bending frames are such a small problem, I would be worrying about the other details. I have both a geo 2 and ego 11 (I am sadly getting rid of one) which people describe as flimsy frames. Neither have had new frames put on them and Ive landed on them poorly a couple of times and they still look perfectly straight.

Also I dont mean to promote my videos or anything but here's a comparison on the geo 2 vs luxe 1.5 (w/ 2.0 power core, Feather Touch Screw out, manifold screw near flush) shot. It just seems to fit this situation. Also keep in mind the camera auto balances the volume of sounds and it can also depend on where the camera is placed. Though the sound signatures sound pretty accurate.


Haha... I was actually eyeing your Geo 2!

In Topic: Victory V2 vs Luxe 2.0 vs Geo 2

04 October 2012 - 09:07 PM


why and how? The geo gets horrid efficiency and is barely smoother if actually smoother then a vic, they both have oleds, and the GEO's frame bends like a mofo not to mention the tooless bolt, the even the asa

geo has great reliability for me and I havent seen any bent frame, luxe nor vic have oleds, and Geos are actually pretty smooth the way i have it set up

The bent frame is a concern of mine that I've heard from some others,
but would this ever be a problem on the Luxe or Vic under most reasonable circumstances (ie a poor superman dive)?

Also would you happen to know a general ballpark figure for efficiency on each marker?

In Topic: Victory V2 vs Luxe 2.0 vs Geo 2

04 October 2012 - 09:04 PM

I would choose between the Victory and the Luxe, because the victory provides the most efficiency and the Luxe most definitely the smoother shot. Its basically spool vs Poppet and is all personal opinion, I don't think the Geo has anything on the Luxe or the Victory to be honest but thats just my opinion. AND YOU'RE MY 1000th POST!!!!

Thank you and congratulations mate!

Also, the Victory is a poppet O.o?