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In Topic: What do you want from a scenario?

02 March 2013 - 07:23 AM

Scenarios are really great when done right. I think Skirmish USA puts on an unbelivable scenario (Invasion of Normandy, Stalingrad).
When I play I like to have
1. Good back story
2. Command structure
3. Leadership is key, and I don't mean the falsetto "keep moving forward while I sit here" leadership, I mean from the front (alexander the great style)
4. MISSIONS. Fun ones.
5. A good map is always helpful
That being said, I do like that water idea thats really awesome to be able to see the progress of the game...
When making a solid scenario, theres alot of real events you can look to for inspiration. I've always thought a Battle of the bulge scenario would be great... Or an Alamo scenario, but thats far fetched. Black hawk down could make a great one, with one team going in to capture high valued targets, then hold position and exfiltrate after a set amount of time.
Maybe I'm just too much of a military history fanatic, but I think why go through all the trouble of making something from scratch when there are so many great stories already out there.
Good luck on your scenario making man!