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In Topic: What did YOU think of LL5?

27 May 2012 - 09:32 PM

I "ran away too quickly"?!?!?!

hahahahaha I walked away, I stopped two or three times to talk to people, and walked at a normal pace back to the pits. You claiming that I "sprinted" back to the pits in a full ghillie suit?

So instead of bringing up to Viper (who's command tent is 100 feet away from where I was staging), you wait until you get on the "interwebz" to bitch and cry about it?

If you are tired of my "premadonna" shit, then get the fuck off my website. You are the one making accusations here, I didn't say anything to you. You've got my attention, would you like today to be your last day on TechPB? I'll show you how much of a "premaddona" I am, you're in MY HOUSE right now. I pay the server bills here, this website is in MY name.

Tell me, would you like today to be your last day on TechPB? Got the admin control panel open sweetheart.....

I thought PBnation was the place where people got banned for upsetting the mods and techpb was different. So if someone has a different opinion you threaten to ban them? Do you wat you want, but your the one ending up looking childish not me. Oh no someone upset you lets ban them so they dont tell their side of the story when i killed 8 people that turned into 50.

In Topic: What did YOU think of LL5?

27 May 2012 - 09:19 PM

Hahahaha I have not been on your youtube channel bitching for 2 days you must have me confused for some one else. Way to act like an adult. I did get a ref and he said you had blue tape but barely visible. I tried to get a ref to check your stuff but you ran away too quickly to have gotten a ref. And why didnt I go to ur staging area, because Im tired of your premadonna shit and how you act like you are without mistake. You always bitch about something each legends yourself.

-LL2 was when you were bitching about being on the same team as PBN and had to be switched.
-LL3 or LL4 was when you got upset that PBN got thanked for the auction and Techpb didnt get any mention because you brought like 140 people and you threatened to never come back.

I was there and saw both these temper tantrums first hand. So I dont wanna have any dealings with you personally thats why I wouldn't go to where you chill.So dont talk to me about Kleenex when you have the temper of a 5 year old.

In Topic: What did YOU think of LL5?

27 May 2012 - 08:41 PM

I hated when Mike ambushed a group of 8 of us wearing barely visible tape and over shot the shit out of everyone, then posted a video claiming to having got 50 people and only 1 ball bounced off him when I have video of paint exploding all around him and him running away with his hand up.

In Topic: Background: The "Rippers"

24 May 2012 - 02:13 AM

I was the guy in purple that got one of the rippers in the back after they walked into bedlam, I thought they were inserted but I didn't notice the barrel sock still on. I then waited they took theres off shot 1 guy in the shoulder with 1 shot and asked him to come with me to a ref to get my mission signed off. As I was walking away with 1 of the Rippers I took a unnecessary shot in the back in the in the tender spot from a remaining Ripper that hurt real nice, I was saying OW ow and wincing and I kept walking away. Then 4 seconds later I took another shot in the back from the same player. I'm not saying it crazy overshooting or anything but it shows precedent of it happening to back up these other stories. And I have this on video btw.

In Topic: Lessons learned

23 May 2012 - 02:14 PM

I will not skip dinner and drink till 3am before playing
I will drink much much more water
I will carry more pods so I don't get reamed when I run out of paint during a rumble

You only drank till 3am?