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spokane paintball

22 March 2012 - 03:04 AM

with neverwood, and spc, closed and the abandoned house no longer playable.. and the city of spokane pretty much anti gun there really isnt many places that are still playable with out driving to ford or newport or to cdl...

idk if knight owl is still dealing with paintball i haven't talked to him since spc went down

that and when the economy took a shit in 2008 many of us Spokane ballers didn't have the funds to throw $200-$250 at a weekend to go play a scenario...

i was planning to go out and play this weekend for the first time since i quit in late 2008 (clan wars) but other then dealing with that guy at action sports/virtual assault "KC" i really don't have a clue where to go.... any one got some spare land or a field that that is playing this weekend that has a chrono?

wtb basket case tippmann

07 February 2011 - 07:36 PM

wtb cheap used tippmann 98 or other similar tippmann based gun

bt delta, carver 1.... you get the point

prefer under $50 shipped but show me what you got (no a5 or x7 please)

if possible let me know what you got hidden in your closet Posted Image (working or not)

Thanks James (i hate snipers #3 need not apply just pm me)