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Future LL8 - Juggernaut

01 April 2014 - 12:54 PM

Idea in material current progress! "I have started piecing this suit an idea together


Idea came to me after playing an evening of Call of Duty.  Not really the most original idea of my own creation. But it cause me to let my imagination run away.  What would be the stipulations of... say adding a Juggernaunt into the game?


This would be an unstopable player heavily padded "armored" and armed with paintball marker and riot shield. Both sides would have an opportunity to gain access to this player for a limited time on the clock.  Only way to obtain would be to capture certain things or reach a certain number of points over all. This is still sketchy as far as ideas for the rules.


So what do you think of having a Juggernaut added into the theam?