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geo2 trigger play

06 April 2011 - 07:24 AM

I have a geo2 that i just bought. when i pull the trigger i hear a metal on metal sound and not to mention the trigger has a lot of play from left to right. I took the marker apart and the trigger pin keeps sliding out and im pretty sure thats what was causing it. Once i slide it back in and tried to adjust the trigger so it wouldn't do it again, it doesn't have the same spring back that i thought i could remember (perhaps i am just being more preceptive). I tested out the trigger and the pin slide out again, bringing me back to my first two problems. Last but not least the bottom of the trigger is not lined up evenly with the bottom of the trigger frame. Its more to the right side with a little of the bottom right side of the trigger not being in the frame.

Any advice is appreciated. The trigger could possibly not have been lined up with the frame to begin with but i just didn't notice until i started having all these problems.

I have tried everything i can think of (which isn't a whole lot) shy of calling planet eclipse and i am clueless at this point.