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need young gun player is springfield, MO area

09 June 2011 - 05:05 PM

starting a young guns team. based at paintball outpost in springfield, MO. must be as follows:
-under 17
-over 12
-shoot an electronic marker
- be able to make a practice every 3 weeks at least(will be flexable to every1s scheduals)
-commit and help pay tourney fee
-under 4 years experiance
if you are interested hit me up with your name, age, gun setup(s), past experiance, and anything else you think id like to know!

Ney young guns team in springfield, MO

09 June 2011 - 04:41 PM

hey im trying to start a new young guns team in the springfield,MO area! i will be the captin of the team bc im the one starting it. im taking any1 between the ages of 13-17,, i am 14. you will need to have a descent gun setup(electronic). we will start out practicing at paintball outpost just playing open play together and once we start getting more serious we will have a schedual. we will have 1 practice every 3 weeks at the least. if you are interested email me at blake124515@yahoo.com telling me:
1-full name
3-previous experience
4-complete gun set up(include pack if you have 1/pants)
5- what position you play the most.
thank you and please get back to me(the team will start as a 3man with extras and mabey go into a 5man
thank you