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29 June 2014 - 03:01 PM

Got gold my first time in promos for it, feels are good


took me 6 times -_-


finally made it though

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20 June 2014 - 04:15 PM

Entering my 4th gold promo. Every time I lose in the 5th game, fall to 90 lp and win the next game to get back in to my promo -_-


Been doing weirdly good with Jayce tho, I blame saint 

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14 June 2014 - 02:10 AM

Made my gold promos and lost in my 5th game. Had 3 people get mad and start feeding :/


Won the next game and got back into my promo, won my first game still waiting to play the others. I'm really surprised at the improvement from last summer. I was struggling to get out of silver 4 and 5 but now I find it pretty easy to stay at silver 1 without dropping below 70 lp. It's just those promos

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23 May 2014 - 03:53 PM

Went 7-3 in placements and got silver 1.. so that's frustrating

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02 November 2013 - 06:49 PM

When do you guys plan to do your placements for S4? I did mine last season during preseason, not knowing that was a godawful idea. I may not even play ranked until summer and just try to get better in normals. Normals matches me against better players atm anyways