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In Topic: New Magfed Tactical Compact Rifle - From Tippmann

25 February 2014 - 03:14 AM

Alrighty, So im just browsing around on le ansgear, looking at all the lovely things I can't afford, and happened to notice a lil something in the bottom corner of the page on the new products list.




So yeah, apparently this is a thing. Heres the specs I digged up from Tippmanns website. Copied Directly:




 Magfed Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR)

The new Tactical Compact Rifle or TCR, is designed as a versatile, reliable and affordable magfed option for the serious magfed player. The four key features include a versatile magazine system of three mags, two air sources, a compact modular design and the ability to convert into a standard hopper feed marker.




The TCR is built on the already successful TiPX platform and utilizes the Tru-Feed 7-Ball magazine, a new Tru-Feed 12-ball extended magazine that is First Strike compatible, and the popular 20-round Zetamag.  The unique, easy access cam-locking system for 12g CO2 cartridges allows one handed loading from the left or right side, hidden behind the Picatinny rails. In addition, it also comes with a factory installed drop-down remote-line adapter.


The design also features a modular stock for future upgrades to an air in-stock design. 


The TCR has a compact military, realistic look that is easy to upgrade with four Picatinny rails and modular components, for further customization.  It also includes folding front and rear sights, a folding vertical front grip and an 11” high performance barrel. 


Finally, for the ultimate in versatility, the TCR can be converted to use a standard hopper feed for non-magfed play. It truly is the most versatile magfed marker available today and is backed by Tippmann’s unrivaled 2 year Warranty and customer service.


The new TCR comes complete with a 7-ball and 12-ball extended magazine and will be available later this year at a suggested retail of $349.





Also, They gave a nice preview of a customization kit for the 98 Custom and a few other markers to make them magfed.


Again, copied Directly from the page:




98 Custom Magfed Conversion Kit

For players looking for an economical way to play a magfed game and build their strategic and tactical skills, the new 98 Custom Magfed Conversion Kit is the answer.




This kit fits all 98 custom markers plus all US Army and TPN markers that use the 98 quick-release feed elbow. The kit includes a Mag Adapter and two Tru-Feed 7-ball magazines. It is compatible with the Tru-Feed 12-ball extended magazine and the 20-round Zetamag. 


You can quickly switch back and forth between magfed and hopper-fed configurations depending on the style of play desired. With this new economical way to join magfed-only games, the Magfed category is sure to grow even faster.


The 98 Custom Magfed Conversion Kit will come with two 7-ball Tru-Feed magazines will be out later this year at a suggested retail price of $49.






PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who had SMG-60 on the brain watching that video? Kinda seems like a throw-back to the old days, lol.


The TCR looks kinda cool. Sorta liked a pimped out TPX. Some interesting features, including the hidden remote line, and being able to access the CO2 cartridge from either side is cool.


Apparently these were released and on display at Paintball Extravaganza on the 24th. Really getting sick of not being able to attend these things. :(


What do you guys think?




Information copied from: http://paintball.tip...s-from-Tippmann

In Topic: New Tippmann Crossover XVR

25 September 2013 - 07:31 PM

Posted already. http://www.techpb.co...howtopic=222938


25 September 2013 - 01:16 PM

Lol, computer lagged out and I ended up posting this twice, and they both got put here, my bad! :)