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Buying First Hand Gun

01 December 2012 - 04:02 AM

Okay, well first off, it is good to be posting a little bit more on the forum again. It has been a long(ish) time. That being said, let's get to the actual topic.

So I am not 21 so I can not legally purchase a handgun under my name, Nor can I legally purchase any firearm for that matter (I'm under 18). However, I do enjoy shooting and am no stranger to it, so please don't let my age take away your interest to this thread. My mom recently expressed interest in buying 1-2 firearms for self defense/home defense/target shooting-fun. She originally planned on surprising my dad and I, but did not know how to go about purchasing a firearm. So she asked me to do some research. I'd say the budget is under $600 (preferably in the 500's) per gun.

I don't know much specifics about guns (I said I was no stranger to shooting, but not in detail about the different guns). All I really know is that we would probably want a 9mm, maybe a Glock 19 or G17? My mom is also interested in concealed carry. This gun is not just for her however they are intended for family use/practice as well. I do know that to get the best results we would need to go to a gun store and actually handle the firearms themselves and we should shoot them too. However, I don't want to go in there with nothing in mind. To put it short, I'm posting this thread in hopes that some of you on here with experience with firearms could point me in the right direction and maybe give me some good first time buy suggestions.

Snobs, Common Sense, and Choosing a Better Life Experience

08 July 2012 - 03:02 AM

Well, I will try and not make this a huge straight wall of text.

Here's just a little bit of history before we begin:

I'm 14 almost 15, but that doesn't matter so just 14

All my life I've gone to private Christian schools (2) since I was in kindergarten. I went to one school for six years and then the other for three. However, I haven't been the "sheltered" type that you would commonly see in these types of schools. I have good common sense and "street smarts., as well as book smarts. I'm stupid person in any category, and even the people that don't like me wouldn't argue against that (don't get me wrong though, I'm not full of myself or anything).

Also, I'm Christian, but this rant won't be centered around the whole Christian fact or anything because that's not what it's about.


Now at My first Private school, which was elementary school, I was young and could not notice the details in people. All I could really tell/notice was who was mean/a jerk and who wasn't.
I'm sure there were the spoiled kids, and all the different categories, but at that time and age one can't really understand/see that in people.

After the fifth grade I moved to a different private Christian school. So im just starting middle school/jr. high at this new school for me. Was it hard to make friends there? YES. By this age I was able to see who was what kind of person. Now these private schools are small and there's no escaping a certain person and there's no staying away from other people like you may be able to do in public school. I was hated because, well..even though I was smart and all, I had bad social skills, I was a jerk and really more of an annoyance that no one liked. by the next year (7th grade) I changed and became this, popular, funny, chill guy that everyone liked and didn't really have a problem with.

later this year I started to realize how most of the people at this school were complete snobs. They are wealthy, get what they want, and are constantly told how smart and capable they are, which puts them in the mind set that they are better than everyone else. To make matters worse, they are surrounded by other kids/people just like them. They have there own life environment and everyone they surround themselves with think just like them and act like them: snotty and proud (in the bad way).

For three years of my life I sort of changed myself to fit in with these other students/kids (remember it's a small school and everyone's mashed together, there is virtually just one type of people (ya know like they aren't really segregated/split apart by how they are & what they do, you don't just get your group of friends and stick with them. everyone interacts with everyone).

the next year I was getting tired of it all and just plane old annoyed at how these other students thought, and what kind of mind set they had. There was always so much tension and headbutting between other students and so called "friends," as you might imagine there would be with a bunch of people like that. They only say they are friends because they are told that they are and are stuck together because in the world of Christian private school, everyone's friends with everyone and life is good and dandy right? Wrong, that's just how the school advertises/implies it's environment to be like. Sounds great right? Not really, no one there knows what a real friend is truly like (of course some probably do, but for the most part, no)

Thank God I'm not sheltered and primped and set far off from reality like they are. I don't look down on every person I meet and I don't judge myself as better than everyone.
Also, these kids tend to not have common sense, or don't know how to act properly in situations that are not their "the world is perfect, and I'm God's gift to the world" life. They may all be book smart, but in life and adaption, they are handicapped. I'm glad and happy I'm not that way. I hate snobs, Imagine having to go to school and interact with almost a whole school of them for three years (I'm sure you can) yeah, it sucks. It was never as welcoming and happy feeling as it claimed to be.

Now I'm going to public school for my high school life ( not a stupid school, one of the highest state testing scores for public schools, literally right under the private school I previously attended). I play water polo, and all the people I've met have been SO NICE and it feels like a much more welcoming environment. I'm enjoying myself so much more here, so far. I have more choice and more opportunity and no bullshit snobs "everyone is best of friends shit" I think my life will feel a bit more relaxed in the belonging somewhere and dealing with snobs category now. I like that hahaha.

Some might say, "you should have stayed in the private school it will be better for you." Well, I disagree. The school is still very good, and i'm having a better social life. I'm not as frustrated with idiotic snobs and I actually get to play the sport I like (water polo)

ANYWAY... this rant was meant to be more organized and have a stronger point, but it's 1:00AM so...meh.

TLDR: Please read it and I'd appreciate if you'd contribute to the thread and make a good conversation.

TLDR#2: I hate snoby "I'm better than you" thinking kind of people, people need to have common sense, not just book smarts, I'm building a life for my self that I like better than what I did before.

Mp4 to mp3 files

11 May 2012 - 07:32 PM

I want to play my purchased Itunes songs on my xbox in any way I possibly can (I just need to be able to play the video game at the same time). I know that if I want them streamed through my cp or whatever that the music files can not be DRM protected (m4p) so I need to convert them to mp3 to play them on nonapple devices right? How do I do this and is there a legit free converter&nbsp;software&nbsp;out there or something? any&nbsp;solution&nbsp;is acceptable. just needs to be safe<div><br></div>

Mod app

13 March 2012 - 11:12 PM

ok well for those who don't know I'm fourteen which means I don't have a drivers license, and I don't know about the employment application. I've never played in any tournament or anything like Living legends, nor am I familiar with IP board or have a history of moderating.

So my question is: Should I even bother to fill out a mod app?


05 March 2012 - 08:51 PM

Is it just me or do other people get tired of seeing threads like: OMG kids at my school don't know paintball, or I FACEPALMED SOOO HARD WENZ PEOPLE SAY STUPID STUFF ABOUT PAINTBALL!!

come on man, cut them a break so what if they have only been paintballing once in their life or something. Is it really hurting you THAT MUCH when some one reverberates a myth or says something dumb about paintball? I doubt it does. Let them say what they want to say. who cares? seriously... its really not that bad you don't have to be all OMGZ YUR SOO STUPID!! FACEPALM, FACEPALM, FACEPALM!!!@#$

too often i see threads criticizing people or other kids about what they think about paintball. what they say is not "driving people away from the sport" if anything, it is you with your judgmental minds..

in short, let people say what they want to say and quit acting like it is the end of the world when they do.