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25 September 2011 - 09:22 AM

Is it against the rules Mabe send the money in the mail and then after they have counted and made sure the amount is right they send the product to the buyer or is paypal the only option?

Has anyone been to the feild in Largp

30 June 2011 - 01:45 PM

i have a house in florida five min away and this summer when i go i was looking to play there. How is it????? <BR><BR><BR>btw the title is suposed to say Largo. oops

any one eva go to camp paintball

10 March 2011 - 08:35 PM

hey i was looking around and realy didnt find mch bout camp paintball. i love this feild

do a loader show

05 March 2011 - 01:19 PM

corect me if im wrong but i dont think Mike has done a loader show like what he did with the masks. please if he alredy did can someone post a link for it thanks