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08 March 2011 - 02:22 AM

Hey guys i live in MIAMI FL, and i was seeing a video mike made about over borin because in florida is very humid, and heat , etc etc, so which types of bore do i use? and i use 14 inch right? and which barrel works best for you? a single or two piece? and which specific ones should i buy? i dont care how much it is, i have a mini....thanks guys for the help, this is the only awesome place to actually get amazing info!


02 March 2011 - 12:54 AM

Hey guys I am kind of new to the sport, i been on it for a while and i want to get a better marker. My price range is about 300, I need a gun by this friday the 03/04/11. I was looking at the invert mini THIRD GEN and it looks pretty good marker, I also see the proto rail looks decent too, but what i see is that the mini has a lot more upgrades that you could put for example a virtue board and a laser break beam eye, I havent seen anythin for the rail yet.. which one should I get? or is their another gun the you would like to prefer? thanks guy i really appreciate it!