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21 January 2013 - 03:37 PM

Finally decided to get an OC pump, really excited to get out and play with it! Any pump related tips would be nice also :)

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WTB Pump hopper

17 January 2013 - 01:23 PM

Just purchased a pump and I don't think my pinokio will be a good fit. Looking for either an APP, winchester or sportshot. Thanks.

JT Proflex

06 January 2013 - 12:23 AM

Item: Jt Proflex
Condition: 9/10
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: 59.99
Shipping Options: Canada Post
Trades of interest: Chronograph, i4's, DW Fibur
Location of item: Ottawa, Canada
What is Included: The mask itself, spare JT strap.

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Getting back into pump

05 March 2012 - 09:18 PM

After selling my Phantom 2 years ago, I've decided to get get back into pump. I really enjoyed using my Phantom but I don't think another SC marker would be necessary as I also own a T8.1. My current budget is about 250 and I am looking for an OC marker. I have (almost) no experience with markers like snipers, so how would the smoothness of the pump stroke compare to that of a phantom? Well, anyways I'm looking for a 250 OC marker. I was thinking a used Prostock. What do you guys think?

Dave Hester

02 March 2012 - 08:59 PM

Im watching Storage Wars and don't get me wrong, I like the show but I just hate Dave! YUUUUUUUUUP! Every single bid is that. Raises the price of lockers just to be a dick. Names his own son Dave Jr. Man! He must have the largest ego in the world. Walking around like he's the queen ant, stealing pies from little school child. In all the interview things that happen while the program is on he's always like "Oh, we'll if Brandy and Jarrod want that unit, theyre going to have to pay top dollar for it.". Just shut up Dave! I don't care about your shady, under the table store of yours! I don't care if you can can bring a moving truck to auctions, while other people can't. Frankly,nobody cares.

What makes me the most irate is his apparel. Dresses like an auction goon. Just goes out to bully and make people miserable. "I don't think this is a good unit" *Buys it and finds good stuff in it* "Yeah, I had very good vibes on this locker right here. I knew this was where the money was". Dave, I don't like you. Who do you think you are to talk down to people like they're street trash? You delude yourself by telling yourself that you're the greatest storage auction buyer ever, though you truly are a pretentious prick. *Sigh* At the end of the day you are loved by few. Hated by many. Remember that. You also have huge fat rolls on your neck. Do you have any class? Just my 2 cents on television's most egotistical person, Dave Hester of Storage Wars.