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Never Forget

11 September 2011 - 11:00 AM

I know that this is an especially hard day for some and that it has been a long time but for me, this is something I can never forget and I will refuse to forget. For me it was a day when the world came crashing down all around.

My day started off with news of my pastor, who was very much loved by everyone in my church, had gone to the hospital because of a heart attack. Shortly after some one came running into our class room and said that New York is covered in smoke. Everyone was confused and didnt know what she was talking about. All our teachers left and then came back with a TV and we watched in horror as the second plane hit the tower. We didnt know what to think or what to say. We all just sat there and silently watched the news. One by one people started to cry. Not long after that we got the news that our pastor had died. The whole day was filled with tears and fear. We watched the news in silence not knowing what to think. People started freaking out because a large Naval ship yard in our area had received a threat and a lot of my friends parents worked there.

I know there are people who think this was all set up by Bush and our government,. Hopefully there arn't any here. I am not posting this to start an arguement. I am only posting this so we remember. I have a friend of mine that received a phone call that very day as she was watching the second plane head towards the towers. It was her mom and she was on that very plane. As she watched that plane she heard her mom say, "Hunny I love you. Dont you ever forget that. I will always love you and always be with you." And as the plane hit. There was nothing. The phone had disconnected. I also had an aunt that was supposed to work in that tower that day but was delayed at the subway. She got out of the subway just as the first plane hit. Luckily far away enough to be safe but close enough to see everything.

I am sorry for a long post but I felt it was necessary. I know that the video I am going to post below is old but I still feel it was fitting to help us remember.

When The World Stopped Turning
Proud to be an American

G4 Firing Issue

06 September 2011 - 05:53 PM

I recently bought a Used G4 and the guy I bought it from swears he never used it. I took it to the field shortly after I bought it. I have set on PSP three shot. As soon as I fired it fires fine but shortly hitting trigger 2-3 times, it seems to start loosing preasure. The paint will come out fine until this point. After that they just seem to fall right out of the barrel or not come out at all. I thought it might have been that I had my PSI too low but I cranked it as high as it could go and still the same thing. Fine after a few trigger pulls and then it starts all over again. I was told it might be my dwell that is causing this so I searched on the web how to set my dwell for this marker. I saw a couple of Mike's videos (the one about Dwell and the one about bolt stick/first shot drop off) and those sounded like what my marker was doing except that it was the first shot that was dropping off. It was after numerous trigger pulls in PSP three shot. Should I go ahead and adjust the dwell even though it should be set on factory or is there something else that I am missing that could be the issue? If you need more information, I will be more than happy to give it to. Like I said. I am new to Electronic Markers, so it is possible that I am missing something.

Fundraiser: Wounded Warrior Project

16 May 2011 - 03:11 AM

Posted Image

This event is a hardcore run with obstacles designed by British Special Forces. Definitely not going be an event for the weak hearted. They have obstacles that will have you running up slippery muddy hills, climbing over barriers, diving inot a pool of ice, water, and mud, crawling under barb wire, running through wires hanging from beams with an electrical charge up to 10,000 volts, while finishing with a run through kerosene soaked straw that can have flames up to 4 feet high. This run is no joke and that was NOT all the obstacles. I will be running in this event on Oct. 22 2011 at 12:40pm. There is a dual purpose for this event. The individual is to raise money and to test your strength in completing this course. The group purpose is to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Our team is called JBLE - Joint Base Langley-Eustis and we are doing everything we can to raise money for this nobel cause.

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you may have been thinking on what would be a good way for me to thank our services members who have given so much for our country? Well now you have a way! I will provide a link that will allow you to donate money through me and my team.. Some of you may know of a friend or family memeber that has benefited from this program and would love to show your appreciateion for it. Through the Tough Mudder you can.

Some of you may be thinking that you can't really donate money right now. Well I have some good news for you. You have until Oct. 21. 2011 to save up some momeny to donate. If for some reason you are unable to donate, there is another way that would be a huge help. you can take the link that I will provide and post it at your workplace, school, community center, gym or even just share it with your friends and family. Getting the word out there could be just as or even more helpful than donating money. So help us out! Donate and spread the word!

Here are the links below:
Tough Mudder Videos
Tough Mudder Home
Tough Mudder Virginia Home
My Fundraiser Page
Texas 2011:
Tough Mudder Video

Special Ops Pistol Vest & BT MOLLE Pouches

20 April 2011 - 06:38 AM

Item:Special Ops Vest (Medium)
Color: Black
Known Problems: May need to be washed (only used once)
Asking Price: $80 $70 OBO (paypal only)OFFER UP
Shipping Options:Buyer's choice/Buyer paid
Trades of interest:Valken V-Cam Tango Vest (Medium)
Location of item:Virginia
What is Included:Fixed Right Hand Pistol Holster, Fixed 3 Mag Pouches, Fixed 6 sloted 12gram pouch, Fixed 6 sloted 10rd tube pouch, Internal zippered pockets (left and right), 2 Dual velcored rear mounted pod pouches, and Velcored name tape and patch slot.


Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Item: BT Paintball Combat Multi Holster (Left & Right Handed)
Color: Woodland Digital
Condition: 8/10
Known Problems: A little fraying near the top
Asking Price: SOLD on TA forums
Shipping Options:
Buyer's choice/Buyer paid
Trades of interest:Full Clip Holster Thigh Rig - LEFT - Multi-Cam
Location of item:Virginia
What is Included: Just the holster

Item: 2 BT Vest Bottle Pouch
Color: Woodland Digital
Condition: 9/10 (only cause it is used)
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $10 EA OBO (paypal only)
Shipping Options: Buyer's choice/Buyer paid
Trades of interest: None
Location of item:Virginia
What is Included: Co2 Pouch

Item: BT Vest Zipper Pouch
Color: Woodland Digital
Condition: 9/10 (only cause it is used)
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: SOLD on TA forums
Shipping Options: Buyer's choice/Buyer paid
Trades of interest: Valken V-Tac Zipper Vest Pouch - V-CAM
Location of item:Virginia
What is Included: Thumbs up and a smile

Rugged Maniac 5K

15 April 2011 - 12:02 AM

Want to test your fitness? Want to show off your agg at a event that strongly encourages expressing yourself? Want to celebrate your well earned victory with an ice cold bear, live music, and food at an after party? Than this is the event for you. The Rugged Maniac 5K. Test your skills at running, sliding, diving, dodging, and balance all here. This is a perfect chance for you really test those Xball/Scenerio skills that you worked so hard to perfect. Like to slide into bunkers, crawl through the snake, dive behind cover, climb over bunkers, and jump over a finish line of fire??? They have all that for you. The Suicide Slide to test your sliding skills, the Maniac Barricades to test your cliimbing skills, the Rugged Mud to test your snake crawling skills, the Forest Run to test you woodsball sprinting skills, and so much more. All to finish by leaping over a finish line of fire! Looks to be a good time to test your resolve and express your individuality for a good cause. Topped off with an opprotunity to brag, cry, or relive the race at the after party with beer, food, and live music.

A group of guys from my work and I will be attending the one in Richmond on 5-15-11. It is a 5k run with an interesting twist. It has an obstical course that was designed with the assitance of the U.S. Navy SEALs. This whole event is for earning money for an Organization called First Decents (see their brief history below). The event is an all day event with registration start at $5 for the pee wee coures (kids 13 and under) $10 to spectate, and $78 to participate. All the money goes to First Descent and a local charity that is to be determind. I know this is the link for an event in Virginia and I was about to post it in the Regional forums but I did some digging and found out that they will be in other states as well for later this year. They were already in Florida for the first event in Feb. Here is the link for the Richmond event but for those that arent in the Va area you can click the Events tab to see where it will be in later months.


The Rugged Maniac 5K is proud to support First Descents, committed to curing young adults of the emotional effects of cancer and empowering them to regain control of their lives by experiencing outdoor adventure through adventure therapy through kayaking, rock climbing and other outdoor adventure sports. All of the programs offered by First Descents are free of charge to participants.First Descents became a non-profit organization in 2000 by founder and professional kayaker Brad Ludden at age 18. Since then, they have served over 600 young adults with cancer. First Descents started with one camp in Vail, CO in 2001 with 14 participants and has now grown to 14 programs in 6 different states serving over 250 young adults this past summer

In addition to donating money to the First Descents, Rugged Maniac is encouraging participants to run any of our races as a member of Team FD. Team FD allows you to pick an activity that is a challenge to you and setting a fundraising goal around completing that challenge. Once you set up a fundraising page through the First Descents website, you are encouraged to get the word out to your friends, family, and co-workers. First Descents provides you with the Team FD Jersey to complete your challenge. For more information on competing as a member of Team FD, go here - http://teamfd.firstdescents.org/

Hope to see all my fellow Virginians there! I will most likely sporting my TechPB Scenario Jersey (if it is completed in time) and my Grillz.