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Lurker Tech Support

30 January 2013 - 02:46 AM

So you have a gun that isn't behaving? or you have some Lurker product that you need help with? Post here and I will be glad to help you.

What should be in your paintball tool kit

29 January 2013 - 01:22 PM

For those of you who don't know, I am also the Lead Gun Tech for FixMyGat.com, in addition to working for Lurker Paintball.

People always ask us, what should be in their paintball tool kit, when heading to a field. Being prepared is 9/10ths of the battle with paintball, because the second you aren't, its going to cost you, often BIG MONEY depending on what field you are at.

SO, Here is a short list of what you should ALWAYS HAVE!

1. A FULL SET of SAE Allen Keys - This set is on sale @ Harbor Freight and is actually half way decent! I bought a pair for myself, for professionals, use nicer kits Like Bondhus.

2. Unless your paintball marker needs it, a full set of Metric Allen keys as well.

3. O-Ring Picks! We like the kind with handles. Oh Look. On sale @ Harbor Freight for only $1.00!

4. A few feet of Macro Line. A blow out can happen to anyone. Macroline guy has plenty in stock!

5. Macroline Fittings. Again - Macroline guy has you covered!

6. A few rolls of Teflon Tape aka Plumbers Tape. Harbor Freight.

7. Electrical Tape. At any hardware store. The 3m Stuff is best! Harbor Frieght.

8. A Lubricant that doesn't swell o-rings - Our choice is Lurker Lube. NEVER HATER SAUCE.

9. Gold Cup Lubricant - Anywhere on the net for around $3.99 a bottle or less. NEVER USE THIS IN A TANK REG.

10. Different Size Crescent Wrenches. Handle Covers are nice!

11. A few flat head and Phillips screw drivers. MAGNET TIPS! - Ones with a spinner on the palm grip are nice. less motion needed.

12. An Oring Kit for every marker you own. Captain O-ring is who we recommend!

13. Burst Discs for your tanks. Check your local proshop for these.

14. Red and Blue Loctite. Harbor Freight.

15. Barrel Swabs - USE BOMB SWABS!

16. BATTERIES! For your loader and marker. Anything below 8.5 on your markers battery, GET RID OF IT.

Energizer Silvers, Coppertop Duracell or Procell (Red & Black) OR Energy Paintball. NOTHING ELSE.

These are just what the average player should be carrying in their tool kit, just to avoid having to sit out a day of play, after spending money on gas, paint and entry. BE PREPARED!

FixMyGat.com - Certified Paintball Marker Repair Service and Air System Hydrotesting Center!

Gabe Fletcher - Certified Paintball Marker Technician.

Skype: gabe.fletcher.pb


Gen 3 Bob Long Lasoya Intimidator

28 January 2013 - 06:37 PM


Lurker PB Redeploying with more Hurricane Sandy Relief.

04 November 2012 - 08:35 PM



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Just getting in from Lindenhurst, NY now. We traveled up there after Gino P. (CEO OF VALKEN SPORTS) hit me up on a facebook comment this morning, telling me that the Lindenhurst Pantry's were running dangerously low on water supplies this morning. This was actually Roger Kienle who put the post out on a status update and Gino had then relayed it to me, since he saw us traveling with the water. (Roger is an old friend of the Misfit Toys and use to play with the Naughty Leps)

At this time we were currently on route to the Union Beach area. After discussing it with Gino on the phone, Valken Sports made a very generous donation while we were traveling and that got us the needed funds to make the extra 70 miles into NY and all the toll charges. Without Valken and Ginos help, we wouldn't have been able to make it.

When we got there, the bay town was in shambles on the bay side. Lots of homes ripped apart and people guarding certain spots of the neighborhood from looters, refusing to leave their homes at the demand of the National Guard.

We were directed to Fireman's Park in Lindenhurst, where we were met with smiles, open jaws and a lot of "WOW!" 's. People couldn't believe we brought up an entire pallet of water.

We unloaded it there and then we went into the bay side of town to unload our ration of 150+ PB N J Sandwiches. People were asking us about why we came and what we brought. When we informed them we brought the sandwiches AND the pallet of water, we were met with numerous hugs, tears and thank yous. This was indeed humbling.

A big thank you to all of you who donated and to Jonathan Brown for driving and providing the truck and Jessica Szekely for helping to load and unload the water today.

I wanted to take the time to thank those who previously donated to help us help those affected by Sandy.

Valken Sports
Lurker Paintball
TriStar Aerial
William Galarza (TechPB)
Patrick Dunnigan (Valken Sports & Planet Eclipse)
The Leipert Family
Jared Ciquero (Activated Verizon Response Tech)
Michael Potter
New Era Enterprises (Wes Chandler)
Robert Hoffman
Robert Swartz
Zach Holson
Ryan Christmann
Michael Holmstrom
Paul Gentle
Evan McElroy
Austin Abshire
John Gamble
Eli Homan
Joshua Saumure
Gregory Pattison
Jonathan Brown
Jessiva Szekely
Granpop Brown

Now its time for a whole new ball game. We are reopening the donation link. Within the first few minutes of talking about it, we have had a donor donate enough money to cover ANOTHER PALLET OF WATER!

We are going to be setting up a hot food station this time around and we are looking to purchase another pallet of canned goods AND survival goods such as blankets, hand warmers and things of that nature.

As we stated before, it doesn't matter if you only have one dollar to give, but please know that this goes directly to helping us get boots on the ground and getting supplies to people who need them.

This time around we are going to be visiting the Jersey Shore area as we had originally planned. Click the DONATE NOW WITH PAYPAL links to help.

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Valken Sports will be helping us transport these items this up and coming weekend. We need to get these items quickly before they are sold out again, as stores are receiving their new stock this week.

LURKER PB = Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

01 November 2012 - 07:39 PM

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Hey everyone.

Lurker Paintball is organizing a donation for this weekend. We are going to be taking a very large donation of Water and Gatorade and delivering it to Ocean County, NJ to help those who have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

Even if you only donate $1, IT HELPS. If 4 people donate $1, that buys one large, 30 pack case of water. $20 buys 4 of those cases.

We have received numerous donations so far and we are all extremely grateful for it. We have family and friends who have had their homes devastated. Completely obliterated. Wiped off the earth like they never existed.

SO we thank everyone who has donated already and a future thank you to those who will donate in the future.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be making SEVERAL donation runs to make sure we are able to keep providing for those who need it most.

You can donate here at this link - http://www.lurkerpb....rker-help-them/

Thank you TECHPB!

-Gabe Fletcher & Ryan Kenaley.