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Bore Kit for Dlx luxe 1.5?

14 April 2011 - 01:40 AM

I got a dlx luxe 1.5 so far its worked brilliantly no issues besides im using a 50ci and it goes quiet quick, but i wanted to know if
anyone carries a bore kit that would fit in the 1.5 back, i know none of the back kits will fit the luxe thread but is there just a bore
kit that smartparts or anyone else makes that would fit the back without any issues or if anyone knows if one would be releasing soon?


need 2 people for d4 5man at ohare pb

11 March 2011 - 03:34 PM

Hey everyone,

my teammate and me are looking for 2 more people to do a d4 5man tourny (center flag) at ohare paintball on march 20 registraion is 60 bucks per team i believe and $60 for a case. the field is right on route 83 and thorndale road kiddy corner from action village. we are also looking for people who would be commited and would want to do practice and do PSP chicago this year. we will be up at ohare field this sunday to do some practicing, if anyone is interested either reply to this or shoot me a txt at 630-209-4428 ill be at work till 10pm so after that you can also give me a call as well. where looking for 1 back player and a mid/front.