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Ego 11!

05 April 2013 - 10:23 PM

Hi. This is my first PE gun ive owned and just had a question. Bought an ego 11 from ANSgear bran new and noticed a couple things. Wanted to make sure their normal cuz I can't find anything on the net or the manual to tell me otherwise. Have you ever owned an old poppet valve gun such as a timmy? And over time the bolt pin gets sloppy and has alot of play to it? Well my ego 11 has quite a bit of play right out of the box. Upon removing the bolt from the rammer and pulling the bolt out the back, the pin its self has almost no wabble on the bolt, only where the bolt meets the rammer. More than my timmys ever did. Like I said I've never owned an ego. Is this normal? Also it came out of the box from ANSgear with the solenoid settings set wrong, thought that was weird. Any imput? No idea what to expect with a bran new marker this high end. Always bought the expensive ones used thought it would be a lil more tight than this.