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14" Deadlywind Fibur, Angel A1-threaded

26 April 2011 - 01:11 PM

Traded for an Eigenbarrel. Thanks, xxerexx!

I just sold my Angel A1 Fly, so I no longer need my A1-threaded Fibur. These are fantastic, high-quality, super-light barrels and take Freak inserts to match whatever bore size you want. I've owned three Fibur barrels and will continue to put them on every marker I own.

Barrel: Deadlywind Fibur
Bore size: Any Freak insert, which generally run 682 to 697.
Condition: 9/10
Color and finish: Black aluminum thread stub and satin twill barrel.
Barrel length: 14 inches, end to end.
Thread: Angel A1.
Pieces: One, plus insert.
Known problems: None.
Asking price: $70 plus shipping.
Shipping options: USPS, FedEx, or UPS.
Trades of interest: Lurker Eigenbarrel, matte black, AC-threaded.
Location of item: Beckley, WV 25801
What is included: Barrel only. You will need your own inserts.

Additional pictures on Flickr.
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2009 Empire Events w/ fire mirror lens

26 April 2011 - 12:31 PM

I'm cleaning out my gearbag since I probably won't be playing for a while, and have decided to put my 2009 Events up for sale.
They have been well cared for, the foam is in excellent condition, and the only real damage is a small scrape near the "nose" area.

Item: 2009 Red Empire Events with fire mirror lens.
Condition: 8/10
Known problems: Missing the top Empire jewel (why do these fall off so easy!?) and a small scrape on the front.
Asking price: $70 plus shipping.
Shipping options: USPS, FedEx, or UPS.
Trades of interest: Primarily looking for cash, possibly a black or camo I4.
Location of item: Beckley, WV 25801
What is included: Mask, fire mirror lens, and mask bag.
The two Aspire Ones off the left edge are not included :)

Additional pictures are on Flickr
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Paintball Solutions rocks

15 April 2011 - 10:26 AM

I had some of the original, black body shells on my Prophecy, and they just recently took it upon themselves to break at the feedneck. I had heard about some people having problems with this, and it looks like it finally caught up with my loader. Anyway, I gave Paintball Solutions a call (1-800-220-3222) and as the tech picked up and asked me how he could help, my mind went completely blank. Out of nowhere I remember seeing some news about a 1.6 version of the Optimus board, so I asked him if it was possible to get the new board, since mine is only a 1.2. He explained that the only major difference is the rate-of-fire change for the PSP mode, and unless I was having a problem with my board that it really wasn't necessary to change out. This gave me time to remember what the hell I was calling about in the first place, so I laughed about it and told him not to worry about the board, then.

I went on to explain the problem I was having with the Prophecy body shell, answered a few questions like which feedneck insert I had, and what color the shells were, and what my mailing address was. About three days later, a Warranty Parts box shows up on my doorstep and I look inside slightly puzzled at the amount of items inside. Not only did he replace my black shells with smoke like I asked, but he included the aluminum feedneck insert and a 1.6 Optimus board!

Paintball Solutions is awesome!

Upped '09 SLG Ultralite

07 April 2011 - 03:52 PM

Putting my SLG up, since I got it as a backup and never had a reason to use it :) It's in decent cosmetic condition, the previous owner played hard and it shows, but the marker is in great working condition. I'm somewhat interested in a dust black Mini, or possibly a Vibe, but I'm mostly interested in cash via PayPal. The dovetail on the ASA is slightly bent at the front so the back of the tank will move up and down about a quarter of an inch, but the ASA won't slide off the gripframe. Worst case you could replace the ASA, best case a scrap of paper will fix it.

Marker: 2009 Proto SLG Ultralite
Condition: 6/10
Color: Dust silver
Upgrades: DM8 feedneck, unknown on/off ASA
Known problems: Scratches on body, dovetail on ASA is bent
Asking price: $100
Shipping options: USPS, FedEx, UPS
Trades of interest: Dust black Mini, Vibe
Location of item: Beckley, WV
What is included: Marker and o-ring bag

Pictures are on my Picasa account.
Firing video is on YouTube.

Will an old, non-BoB TechT L7 bolt fit in a Vibe?

06 April 2011 - 05:00 PM

I have a TechT L7 bolt from a zillion years ago when they mistakenly sent me an Ion bolt instead of the PM7 bolt I ordered. It's from before the bolt-out-back markers even existed, and I never had a chance to use it since I didn't own an Ion. Now I'm considering getting a Vibe and I'm not sure if this bolt will fit the newer breech. Does anyone have experience attempting this or know of someone who has?

Also, does the Vibe et al. rely on the actual bolt design for the "low force" aspect, or simply the pressures involved? In other words, would I need eyes if I switch to a TechT bolt?