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Planet Eclipse Big Game: Zombieland

07 October 2013 - 08:57 AM

Possibly the most outrageous game in the world!!
Shoreline Paintball's Zombieland, sponsored by Planet Eclipse.
2 days in a real working theme park.
A players pool party with DJ's, water slides, wave machines, fire breathers etc.
Based in the UK.
Tickets go on sale Tuesday 15th October 2013 at 7pm UK time. 
Should be quite nice.

Paintball on TV in Europe (online rest of the world)

01 October 2013 - 09:28 AM

Primetime Paintball TV will have 4 hours each week of brand new paintball content being beamed in to the homes of millions of people across 32 countries in Europe.
The channel will also be available On Demand online for viewers in the rest of the world starting Tuesday 22nd October.
Shows will include The Roster Season 2 from Planet Eclipse ETV, The Paintball Show from Shoreline Paintball, Painting The World Blue from Blues Crew, Catshack TV, Fat Bobs TV and The Newbies from Envy Paintball.
The pilot series of The Paintball Show aired last year and over 1.2 million viewers tuned in or watched online, making it the biggest media project in the world last year. 
Primetime Paintball TV does what has never existed before - gives paintball a permanent home in mainstream TV in a major global market (Europe).
Which is quite nice.

Planet Eclipse Big Game: Staargate 2013

27 February 2013 - 02:02 PM

Posted Image

Shoreline Paintball are delighted to announce the launch of the Planet Eclipse Big Game: Staargate



Staargate is the UK's best loved Big Game Festival, the longest running paintball event in the UK (13 years this year!) and the 2011 UK Scenario Game of the Year.

Last years event was fantastic, blazing sunshine all weekend, great atmosphere all day Saturday, fantastic party Saturday night with The Blame rocking it up big time followed by what many called the best Staargate game they'd ever played - easy respawns, big playing area and the best marshalling team in the UK (voted by the players).............and that finale.....the most amazing end to a paintball game we've seen anywhere in the world with the game won on the final second! It was quite a weekend!

For this year, we've taken all of that..........and improved it yet again!

So, what can you expect from this years event?

The first and most obvious addition is that this year will be known as the year that Scenario, Big Game, Sup Air and Woodland Tournament all came together........and it'll happen for the first time ever in the UK at Staargate.

We are absolutely delighted to welcome to Staargate our friends from the CPPS, the UK's premier tournament. The CPPS will be at Staargate with their CPPS Summer Fair.

Posted Image

The CPPS Summer Fair will see a full sized tournament field erected within a netted arena inside the main staging and trade area! This means you'll be able to sit and watch the Sup Air activity whilst enjoying a beer or having your lunch. The arena will be fitted with an outdoor PA system and during clinics, the trainers will be fitted with Radio Microphones so that the audience will be able to listen in to the clinic as well as those taking part.

The Arena will also be flood lit and Staargate will potentially be the first time in the UK that many players will have the opportunity to play Sup Air night games with the very unique atmosphere of playing at night.

The CPPS will be running Street games – basically, an open field where anyone can have a go. Jump in to a game on your own, or form a team, play with the pro's, play against newbies, whatever you want. It's the paintball equivalent of 'Jumpers for goalposts' and is a fantastic way for those who have never tried this format of the game to give it a go without the pressure of being in a tournament.

There will be clinics run on the field, 3 man games, 5 man games, 7 man games and a 6 team exhibition tournament. There will also be a 3 man 'Big Cheese' Tournament where people who are well known in the paintball community both within the UK and abroad will be put into 3 man teams to play against each other. Some are pro players, some have never been on a Sup Air field in their life, some haven't touched a gun for 15 years……it should be good fun!

There will be games specifically for kids, pistol only games, ProAm games………..and night games. Something totally new and never done before at a UK Big Game event.


Posted Image

2013 will also see the UWL Super Cup being held on the Saturday. This is open to any 5 man teams, whether you are taking part in the wider series or just fancying giving it a go as a one-off at this event. The UWL is already the UK's second biggest tournament (in its first year!!) and for many woodland tournament is the most exciting format of the game. If you've never tried it, here is your chance.


Posted Image

We will also be welcoming some special guests. Our friend Greg Hastings will be coming over and as usual we'll have PS3's set up on plasma screens all weekend so that players can play Greg Hastings Paintball 2 FREE OF CHARGE whenever you wish in our 'Gaming Lounge' Area.
This year, Greg will be bringing some friends with him in the shape of Sonny Lopez (LA Hitmen), Patrick Boulanger (Aztec Future Warrior) and The Wolf. These guys are on a 3 game world tour, playing at the best games in France, the UK and the USA.....and of course, its a Shoreline game that they'll be rocking up for in the UK. Their tour is being filmed for a new paintball documentary so we'll be sure to give them a pyro filled and boozy British welcome!

Canadian Team ODST are also making the trip over from North America with 15 of their players with their Captain Joshua Both also leading a faction.


Posted Image

Many of us have been drooling over the new SAR12 Sniper Rifle. Its creator, Sonny Lopez, will be at the event. Sonny will be doing a presentation on how the gun was developed and will be bringing the first ever SAR12 in to the UK with him. This will be your chance to speak to the man who actually designed and put this work of art together. But it gets better......this will be followed by a SAR12 shooting competition, open to everyone and completely FREE OF CHARGE.

The winner of the Shooting Competition gets a very special prize indeed. They get to form a 2 man team with Sonny Lopez, inserted in to the game as part of a one-off special mission which will last approximately 1 hour.....putting hats on the ground from distance and being the first person in the UK to fire a SAR12 in a game. Awesome!!


Saturday Stuff:

- Planet Eclipse Tech Classes - FREE!
- Oldies v Youngies The Rematch - 2 hour scenario game
- Loads of scratch mini scenario games
- Team Cover Photoshoots - in front a green screen, we'll take pics of your team and drop them on to some epic backgrounds!!
- Player Bring and Buy sale - turn unwanted kit in to cash, or pick up a bargain.
- Player clinincs
- CPPS Summer Fair - all the stuff mentioned above from the CPPS
- Man v Food Challenges
- The famous 'Shoreline Bull'
- Live band The Blame who absolutely rocked the house down last year
- Fully licensed pub
- Subsidised catering from Nightingales - the best in the business with guaranteed lower prices than any other Big Game event in the UK - no rip off prices at Shoreline events!
- PS3 gaming lounge
- 3 different film crews - The Paintball Show (Sky), Newbie (Sky) and the Greg Hastings documentary crew
- UWL Super Cup
- Epic players party............and it is always EPIC!
- Free camping
- Loads of traders on site, tech support gunsmiths, icecream vans, shooting ranges...............more stuff going on than you can shake a stick at!

All this....and we haven't even got to the main game yet!!

Sunday Main Game - Staargate v Crusaders

The Staargate main game last year was for many the best one yet. Really simple and clear respawn corridors with high vis netting allowed players to respawn in moment. The Planet Eclipse electronic safes and the Shoreline electronic flags worked really well and of course........you can always count on pyro!

This year there will be 6 factions. 3 Staargate Factions and 3 Crusader factions.

We always like to mix things up and include everyone. So there will be faction leaders from the tournament side of the game, inexperienced leaders, grizzled veterans and everything in between.

Posted Image

Each side will have a Command HQ in which there will be plasma screens with live updating maps - Shoreline events are the only events in the UK who offer this level of Command and Control sophistication - and it makes for a better game.



Game tickets are £60 with a £1.90 transaction fee. We do not raise the price at all as the event draws nearer.

All other Shoreline events for 2013 are already sold out. So Staargate will be the only opportunity for many to play a Shoreline event in 2013. Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis. To ensure you secure a ticket for your preferred faction, we suggest you book in earlier as opposed to later.

Staargate is event paint only and paint will be available from a variety of brands with multiple choices of grade - prices will start at £25 for a box of 2000.

Shoreline do not charge you anything to bring non-players along with you. So why not bring the family or friends to enjoy the weekend. Even if they do not play, there will be plenty for them to do to keep them amused and we make everyone welcome, player or non-player alike.


All Shoreline's games this year are based around a Crusader Theme.

1) Valken Big Game: The Fort - SOLD OUT
2) Tippmann Challenge UK: Jerusalem - SOLD OUT
3) Planet Eclipse Big Game: Staargate v Crusaders - LAUNCHING TODAY

These are three quality events which pull players from all over the planet to take part. We look forward to seeing you all at the official UKPSF Big Game, the only Planet Eclipse Big Game in the world, the UK's oldest paintball event and the final Shoreline event of the 2013 season................The Planet Eclipse Big Game: Staargate........it's going to be quite a weekend!

Competition: Win over $700 inc PE ETHA!

25 February 2013 - 10:22 AM

(MODS: Apologies if this is in the wrong section - I can't see an obvious home for this thread)

Posted Image

To celebrate the launch of The Planet Eclipse Big Game: Staargate on Wednesday (27th) we have bumper competition for you.

One single person will win all of this:

- Planet Eclipse ETHA
- EMC Kit for the ETHA
- Ticket to Staargate
- Box of paint at Staargate
- Hotel room at Staargate!!!
- Assorted clothing
- Assorted 3D patches from Patchwerk
- DVD Photoset from Staargate

That’s well over £500 of prizes…….all for one lucky winner!!! If you win, no matter where in the world you are……we’ll post all your prizes to you. So this competition is open to everyone.

Its easy to enter. Simply change your Facebook Profile Pic to the Shoreline ‘S’ with Planet ‘E’ which you can find on this link:


Then, in the appropriate thread on the Shoreline Page post the word ‘Staargate’. That’s it! (FB Page: https://www.facebook...horelineOutdoor )

Each day between now and Wednesday, we’ll put all of the names who have changed their pic and posted ‘Staargate’ in to the pot and then we’ll draw the winner on Wednesday after Staargate launches. The sooner you enter – the more chances you have to win.

If you do this today, then your name will go in to the pot 3 times (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), if you leave it until Wednesday then your name will go in to the pot just once. So, the earlier you change your Profile Pic and post ‘Staargate’ in this thread – the more chances you will have of winning this mighty bag of loot.

Good luck!!!!

Note for winners outside of the UK: We'll post all the physical items to you (i.e. gun, emc kit, clothing, patches etc) where ever you are in the world.

Worlds first Paintball TV Channel

08 January 2013 - 10:44 AM

Shoreline Paintball have signed the contracts and license agreements to create the worlds first Paintball TV Channel. The new micro channel will begin to broadcast in October 2013 via BSkyB, Freesat and also Freeview. The television broadcast will be available in 42 countries across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and a global audience will also be able to view on demand via the internet.

The new channel will broadcast a range of content covering tournament, scenario and critically.....content specifically designed for rental players to drive new players in to local fields.

"The pilot series of our TV show was all about testing to see if there was a television audience for paintball content. Viewing figures of over 300,000 per episode exceeded all expectations and proved that audience exists so we will now build on that with the worlds first paintball micro channel broadcasting a range of content. The new channel is a tool for the entire paintball industry to use and I invite anyone who would like to be involved to get in touch."
Tim Barnett, Shoreline Events Ltd

Invitation packs will be sent out to potential content providers and paintball companies around the world in the next two weeks with announcements regarding the shows and content that viewers can expect to see to be released in due course.