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A way to vent.

30 March 2011 - 03:36 AM

Ever have those.......stressful days were you just want to run out and punch the current president of the U.S. in the face.....ever have a day were you just want to punch 12 random kids in school just because one of the other kids spilled your perfectly we'll paid drink that you love that won't make you cranky, well my friends fear not for Ceiling Cat can take ALL and I mean ALL your troubles away.

As you can see my Avatar will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, by looking at this Ceiling Cat you feel all resentment towards your friend/co-worker/president disappear as you set your gaze into the ceiling cats eye's, remember to use Ceiling cat as a means of Calm, and cool stress relief something to make you feel laughter!

DON'T be mean to ceiling cat....Ceiling cat will be watching you...he watches everyone one...so don't be afraid to look behind you in the left top corner of your ceiling and you find Ceiling Cat staring at you....he loves you remember that!

Ceiling Cat.

Regards- TaNtRuM

Azodin Kaos Beginner Package?

30 March 2011 - 02:13 AM

What is up! I'm relatively new..we'll not new but a beginner into Paintball. I've not so recently (2009)moved to VA in Chesterfield 14 minutes away from Amelia's Paintball field, I go there every week and play out with friends and what not, so It has been with fun every time i go play, so now I've decided I want to get more deeper into it.

So today I was checking some sites looking for some Markers and what not and I came across A "Azodin Kaos Beginner Marker Package LvL 2" for round about of $130.00 (comes with a mask, marker, 48ci tank, and other equipment), so I've decided to look into get some feedback from the reviews and people said they loved it, I decided to check a more serious community which Landed me here, and judging by what most people say here I'd think they Love the Marker.

So my question today is that will this be a good buy? and If so what else? If it's gear I need give me some links I will scope it out, any tips for the newbie?

My final note to you my friends is thank you guys for helping me out, oh! is there anyone out In VA chesterField that Know "Amelia's Paintball" field if so, If I ever see you there I'll be sure to give you a shout-out (even though I won't know what you look like XD)

I will keep posting. Love the Site thanks guy's. Oh! I play speedball BTW.

Side-note: If you need a link as to what the "Azodin Kaos" Package looks like message me and I will give it to you PM.

- Regards, TaNtRuMz.