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In Topic: Piranha R6 feedneck

25 April 2011 - 02:50 PM

Pretty much you need to either throw on an elbow (which will sit your loader crazy high and pretty much serve as an arrow pointing down saying "shoot me!"...lol) or you will need to sand down your loaders feedneck til it fits in snugly) My first marker was an R6 and I spent a good half hour sanding down my Reloader 2 feedneck so it could fit snug (was definitely worth it in the long run though since i threw an eforce frame on it).

Alrighty then. Which elbows will work on the R6? Cuz it doesn't look like a normal elbow will fit.

In Topic: Piranha R6 leak

17 April 2011 - 10:26 AM

alright I have fixed the problem. The cup seal wasnt connecting with the valve, because the pin didnt go all the way through the valve. Now it works like a charm. Havent shot paint with it, but I have aired it up with my Ninja 48. =)

In Topic: Piranha R6 leak

13 April 2011 - 04:26 PM

Pictures please? I have worked on this marker dozens of times, Pictures and I can tell you what is wrong (most likely)

I cant seem to be able to upload pictures on here. File size limitations. May I send them to your email? Also, if you want specific photos or angles, please ask, I'll be happy to get them for you.

In Topic: My first marker, tippmann 98 setup

10 April 2011 - 01:47 PM

great first setup, and cudos for using your own money

wise choice on the barrel as well as your hopper, a good example of making your purchases match your needs

Why thank you! Posted Image I did alot of research on the products before I bought them, made sure I knew what they would be useful for.

In Topic: My first marker, tippmann 98 setup

10 April 2011 - 01:32 PM

Actually, some sort of pod pack comes in really handy when playing woodsball. The matches can last quite a while, unless you play timed matches, and you can easily shoot more than a hopper full of paint per match.

To be honest, I play at splat tag, so the matches are timed at 15 minutes. But, for the matches that extend, I did buy a 50 round pod just in case. It's a cute little thing, fits in my pocket. Posted Image

Alright, I myself play outlaw/Woodsball and our matches can easily last an hour and upwards of a 3 hours. Granted, there's a lot of down time with no shooting, but when you run into the opposition you can (well I can) end up in a fire fight lasting for many minutes. Normally I play with a group of 20-50 people and on approx. 200 acres.

Oh wow, I've heard tell of the long matches in scenario and such. Thats the kind of play I eventually hope to be in when I've gotten some experience in. How much paint do you shoot in say, an hour long match?

Well, it's not really Scenario, although most of use do the whole Milsim thing. I have had matches that I only shoot half a hopper and I've also had matches that I've ran out of paint (not hour long ones though). It's pretty fun, many of times, half of use pile in a few vehicles and drive to one end of the area while the other team stays put for a while. When both teams are ready we start walking to the other end until we run into the opposition and the real game begins. It's usually a last man standing style of game, but we've played capture the flag, protect the president, and even (one time that I was there) played with medics. That game lasted about 4 hours. Posted Image Sadly, while the team I was on won, I was forced out due to running out of air. Posted Image I was using my ProMaster and a 62/3000. I stayed in for a few minutes after running out of air, but it didn't take long for one of the players on the other team to realize my predicament. He was nice enough to give me the option to surrender or get shot. I took the cowardly way out and called myself out. Posted Image

Oh, and I usually carry around 1000 paintballs in total. Starting with a full hopper and 6 pods.

Wow, you're definitely more advanced than me...I cant even affor 6 pods full of paint, *_* I hope to take up a job sometime soon though, so I can earn a little more cash.

How come you cant afford 6 pods of paint? Is your field BYOP? Pay per pod? Pay per case? What?

At splat tag its FPO, and the rates are 6 for 100, 20 for 500, 4(5?) for 100, and 65 for 2000. And entrance is 15.