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Piranha R6 feedneck

22 April 2011 - 07:18 PM

Alright, after my friend found this in his attic acter he moved in, I fixed it all up so its ready to shoot (Valve work, pain in the butt). But, now another problem has arisen. The feedneck! Find a picture of this gun and you will see how ridiculous it is. It doesn't even look like a stovepipe, it looks like an oversized stovepipe. He has the proto primo loader, and so do I. I tried putting mine on, but it was just barely too big. A standard hopper from tippmann will fit in snug though. Is there any sort of feedneck i can attach to this without hacking things off? (of the gun.)

Piranha R6 leak

12 April 2011 - 06:38 PM

Alright my friend found a Piranha R6 in his attack, but it leaks both through the trigger and out the barrel. I lubed up the O-rings but no luck. I inspected the cup seal, but don't really know what it is supposed to look like. But, what cup seals will work in this gun, and where can they be found? Any other tips on fixing this gun?

My first marker, tippmann 98 setup

08 April 2011 - 07:00 PM

Hello TechPB. As much as im new to this site, I do want to be involved in the community.
As of about a month ago, i made my first marker purchase. I bought a tippmann 98 custom platinum, because i have played with the 98, trust tippmann's reliability and durability, and know how uprgradable it is. I took things into my own hands and saved up to buy good paintball gear, some for the 98 and some that will travel with me the rest of my paintball life. First things first, I bought myself a VForce vantage, reccomended by Mike. I also bought a Ninja compressed air 48ci, also reccomended by Mike. Now as much as im all for gravity hoppers because i don't have the budget or taste for large volumes of fire, i bought a proto primo loader for its 8-10 bps capability, while still being gravity fed. For the tippmann specifically I bought a Rap4 extendable stock for 10 dollars. Since i was already ordering off ANSgear, i thought it would be a good investment. I also upon hearing that the stock barrel is awful (which is true), i purchased the 14-inch tippmann barrel. Im not writing any reviews yet, since I have only used these in one paintball outing, but from my first experience i can tell you they work very well, in my opinion. The mask didnt fog and was comfortable, the tank did its job, the loader fed nicely and I didn't have to shake it, the stock was quite solid, and helped my aim immensely, and the barrel worked wonders for my accuracy.
Setting aside my amateur position, I want your honest opinions on my setup. I dont want to hear about how i should have gotten a better gun, or why you dont like tippmann, but tell me what you think about my WOODSBALL setup. Thank you and please reply!