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2011 azodin blitz

14 April 2012 - 02:30 PM

Im having trouble with my blitz, again. There is a small amount of air leaking from the main regulator housing and its bugging the crap out of me. Its coming from a hole midway up the regulator and i think it has something to do with the regulator piston not connecting correctly with the regulator end cap. Im not sure, just making an educated guess. I think its letting air out where they meet. Should i try to improve the seal and what can i do to do this? Go to page five of the link to see the regulator.
Thanks for your help in advance.

edit: Right now i think it could be the inner oring

L.A. Noir

27 May 2011 - 05:54 PM

Just wondering if la noir is any good..

Franbar of the Land

20 May 2011 - 05:53 AM

I know both of these are not really prize pigs, but they are closer than splatter park. Which one of the two is better and why?

Good gun for 170$

18 May 2011 - 07:06 PM

I bought an azodin blitz and after numerous problems from only firing 500 paintballs and im ready to return it after only one month. Hate the gun. Can someone give the name of a marker that wont break the second it comes out of the box and is around 170 bucks?

Buying land for woodsball

18 May 2011 - 06:13 PM

Anyone have any good ideas or sites for buying cheap wood lands for a home made woods ball feild?