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Bigjenkies feedback

06 April 2010 - 06:24 PM

well, lemme know how everything went :rolleyes:

Angel A1 and Etek Ego

21 February 2010 - 03:58 PM

Marker:Angel A1
Condition: Sold
Color: Blue/Copper
Upgrades: FLY software. I can also email you the update utility.
Known Problems: Missing one detent
Asking Price: sold
Shipping Options: USPS with tracking and insurance
Trades of interest:NONE
Location of item: Chicago
What is Included: Gun, 3pc. barrel kit, manual, and extra parts

Posted Image
It was 20 degrees with 2 year old paint and one detent.

Marker: Etek 1
Condition: Good a little wear in the common places
Color: Black/Green
Upgrades: Violent Trigger, Rendition magnet kit, Cp on/off, and a Mantis CCU
Known Problems: Missing on/off rubber membrane piece (does not affect performance)
Asking Price: 260 Firm
Shipping Options: USPS with tracking and insurance
Trades of interest: NONE
Location of item: Chicago
What is Included: Gun, UL Barrel, part of the manual, extra o-rings, and original grips

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A1 Settings

29 January 2010 - 06:16 PM

I just picked up an A1 for 325. What i didn't know though was it was practically brand new, it had only 26xx on the shot counter (2.2 software) and NO breach wear. I looked on the angel website and i know that i have the newest (v2?) rammer so i will just assume everything else is v2 as well. The dwell is at 9ms and I'm not so sure as to where to go from there. Any advice?

etek leaking

10 January 2010 - 12:57 AM

my etek reg is leaking out of the adjustment screw and i'm not sure what to do anymore about it, i've changed o rings and the like multiple times and i cant find parts for the regulator anywhere so i'm wondering where i could get it either teched in the chicagoland are or where they sell parts (i need i think a new reg base)

etek reg leaking

09 January 2010 - 06:51 PM

I tried getting this resolved on pbn but that didn't really happen... basically everytime i gas up my gun it starts to leak out of the velocity adjustment screw, it is clean in there and there is lube but i looks like there might be some abnormalities in the finish where the o rings sit when it is properly adjusted i.e. the rest is glossy but there is no glossiness there. When turn the screw 5 turns out( like the manual says) and gas it up it leaks, but when its only 4 turns out its fine. I've had this gun for two years so i know it pretty well, i just don't know how what to do.