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looking for team/ club in Lake county area

13 May 2012 - 09:36 AM

So pretty much as the topic reads I'm looking for either a team to join, or just a group that gets together regularly on the weekends to play in Lake County. My name is Matt and I live in Gurnee, Illinois. Ive played on and off now since 2004, I'm 21 years old. All my friends that I use to play with have fallen out, and its like pulling teeth to get any of my current friends out to at least try paintball. Anyway im really trying to get out and play as much as i can this summer, now that i have more time on my hands.

g6r eye problem update

01 May 2011 - 10:25 AM

hey guys i thought i would just update my g6r eye problems for those who commented on the original. so i ended up ordering the 4c eyes and was still getting the same error so i thought maybe i needed new wire harness for my eyes, called bob long few days ago and as far as i know they will be arriving soon. so this morning i would just mess around with it and see if there was something else i was missing when i noticed in the manual it also noted to gas the marker and fire some rounds through it. so i promptly gassed it and started at 12pbs on ramp, looked good. cranked it to 13, worked. 13.5 aweome. so my eyes seem to be working when the marker is gassed up and actually shooting paint, which makes me feel retarded. since this is my first true high end marker (i was an ion user in 06 and mini up til my tax return came in this year) if the eyes on the g6r's or anything similar, will do this when the marker is not gassed.

g6r eye problmes

17 April 2011 - 08:16 AM

so ive had my g6r for maybe a month or 2 now and havent had any problems until recently. i went to go shoot a hopper through just to test out ramp settings i tweeked with and noticed i had an orange led light. took the eye covers off and cleaned them and the inside off with some alcohol thinkin i just applied too much triflow on my bolt. put the eyes back in, turned on and still getting the orange light. now ive probably cleaned them 3 times now and still getting the orange light indicating that my eyes arent working correctly, ive also tried resetting the board to stock settings and still getting it. can anyone help me with this?