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It's been awhile

12 March 2014 - 09:24 PM

So it's been a number of years since i've been in the scene on here on this site, not really sure where I should place this but oh well.


Is the Axe still relavent? I remember there were lots of people who liked it and some who didn't, not that I plan on getting rid of mine since it's still basically brand new. Also what about recent events involving the mini? I tend to be a fan of Empire.


And what's all this talk of mag fed markers? When I left there were maybe a couple pistol markers that were mag fed and now I see all kinds of talk about it, what's the deal with that?

Fuck fuck FUCK

11 March 2014 - 10:21 PM

So i'm going to start this off by saying it's been a LONG ASS TIME since i've been here.

God damnit... I hate pretty much everything now. School fucking sucks, people fucking suck, needing a new starter motor in your car and not wanting to spend money for a new one fucking sucks, not being able to get over a girl fucking sucks.

Before anyone says something about school, I get good grades, but **Edited and removed religious references to avoid anyone butt-hurt from flaring up*** with a rhinoceros on the hood of a 1969 camaro it's like a giant sweaty ballsack slowly being lowered into your mouth...

Also is Wolfwood still around?