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Want to BUY: Empire Goggle zippered case

15 August 2012 - 04:43 PM

Want to BUY: Empire Goggle zippered case

PM me with your contact info, I'll buy it

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updated high-end supergun show

08 July 2012 - 04:53 PM

We all know u have a monopoly on with the budget baller fanbase.
I can't praise you enough for the youtube videos that have helped out my friends, myself, in addition to thousands of other new and returning paintballers..
Clear, concise, straight to the point advice.

On the other hand,
I think it's been awhile since you've done a supergun show.

Any love for the Machine Vapor?
Planet Eclipse Geo3?
MacDev Clone GT?
How about a shootout/comparison with a Luxe 2.0 / Vanguard Demon?
I loved the review you did on the Geo2/Geo2.1/Ego11/CSL awhile back.
Would love to see more of these types of videos.

I'm sure youre busy with a growing family and other things, but if you have time to make a video, make the next one higher-end. :)
Thank you.

cheap --- black / purple Ego11 w/ boost barrels + extras

08 July 2012 - 06:08 AM

SOLD on the other forum.
Thank you TechPB.

buy with confidence.
check my feedback,
contact people i've dealt with.
I ship worldwide.

First person who sends payment will get it.

Marker: Planet Eclipse Ego11

Minimal barrel rub and superficial wear throughout marker.
Cosmetically excellent, easily 8.5, 9/10.
Mechanically, 10/10.
Grips are clean.
purple haze / midnight black
boost shaft4 barrel kit, violent black-out thumbscrew, black-out screw kit
Known Problems:
None. Shoots better than brand new after being broken-in for one season.
What is Included:

ego11 w/ matching barrel tip + stock barrel back
boost shaft4 barrel backs
black-out screw kit
Violent Products black-out feedneck thumbscrew (not pictured)
zippered case
Trades of interest:
luxe 1.5, dm12, 3 empire axes, nothing else. Paypal preferred.
Asking Price:
$sold shipped w/ tracking within 50-state USA
$sold+ actual shipping cost outside 50-state USA ( international )
Shipping Options:
USPS w/ delivery confirmation.
(FedEx, UPS, DHL, and insurance is optional at buyer's cost)
Location of item:
Napa, California, USA

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Want to own the nicest gun at your paintball field?
Here's your chance.

Make me an offer I cant refuse.

cheap - Bob Long supercharged Victory

31 May 2012 - 03:42 AM

Check my feedback.
Contact people I've dealt with.
Buy with confidence.
I ship worldwide.

If u make an offer, be ready to pay promptly.
First person to send payment gets it.

Item: Bob Long marq VICTORY
tech'd by Joe @ BLAST

Color: gloss electric pink / gloss black

9+/10 cosmetic condition, very minimal, insignificant wear.
Mechanically 10/10, 100% functional.
Breech is practically new, has superficial wear.
No performance issues whatsoever.
Clean internally/externally.

No leaks, no stripped screws, no problems.
Air it up and go play.

* tool-less drivetrain removal
* no macro lines
* no ugly external LPRs under the barrel
* easily get 10+ pods on a single 68/4500 fill

features/what's included:
--- Tadao Ryujin tournament board
--- 14" matching Bob Long barrel (.685 bore)
--- Dow55 grease
--- teflon 'tri-flow' lube
--- printed Bob Long Victory manual
--- printed Tadao Ryujin manual
--- matrix barrel sock
--- Bob Long box
installed upgrades and extras:
- Bob Long Super-charged/Proficiency engine
- Violent scythe trigger (stock trigger included)
- quick-disconnect ram rod
- new pillow bolt
- extra Tadao Ryujin board
- Tadao panel grips
- extra Bob Long 'marq'd for death' panel grips
- new replacement eyes
- new detents
- new BL button cover
- new drive-train magnets
- fresh Duracell 9V battery

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TechPB Mike's supergun vic review:

Bob Long Victory on the field:

Bob Long Victory efficiency test, (17 pods on 4100psi fill!):

Trades of interest: none. Cash only

Price: Cash/Paypal Only.
$ SOLD shipped USPS Priority w/ package tracking within 50-state USA;
$ SOLD USD +actual shipping cost outside 50-state USA. (International)

Shipping Options: USPS with package tracking. Shipped out within 72 hours. (FedEX, UPS, and DHL optional at buyer's cost)
Insurance is highly recommended, optional, and will be covered by the buyer.
Once shipped, buyer will receive a scanned copy of the receipt and other documentation.

All sales are final. I'm available by phone before finalizing the sale.
Any questions/concerns/comments, ask before sending payment.
Check my feedback for assurances and buy with confidence. Thank you.

Make me an offer i cant refuse.