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In Topic: 2011 proto rail FEEDNECK

08 May 2011 - 03:04 AM

if you can find it just get a new collar not a feed neck because the actual neck part is metal and will be fine so if you can find a dye or proto collar no neck you and slide that on and all will be well if you do locate 1 let me know cuz i have been looking for one for my rail and i have yet to find one so let me know if you do. and if you have any more questions about the rail just pm me

for sure man thanks

In Topic: 2011 proto rail upgrades

07 May 2011 - 04:50 PM

Not a rail owner, but these are what I suggest (gun upgrades for the rail are similar to the dye I own):

A better board, although this isn't very high on the needs list since the default board is pretty good according to the manual for your gun but anyhow (these all work, the marker you have is a ul frame according to your manual):
Check out the online sale hunter forum for a virtue that is $50
Or Tadao: http://www.tadaotech...=0&idproduct=46
Or Hater: http://www.ansgear.c...aterulboard.htm

A better feedneckif you wish, I personally don't mind that feedneck (my brother has one on his SLG and it works alright) though. If you go with an upgrade get something lever lock:

Bob long feedneck

An aluminum bolt cap? This might already be on the marker stock, I can't tell.
Bolt cap

On/Off asa:
Cp on/off rail mount asa
If you want to blow more money for something that keeps the macroline out of the way...

But what I would probably snag off the get go is a 14" cocker threaded barrel (the stock one is 11" right?). People seem to like the cp barrels on the cheaper end of things and the freak stuff on the higher end of things. I don't like recommending barrels.