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Back with a few questions!

26 April 2014 - 02:00 PM

You guys are always so helpful with all my newbie questions, so I figured I'd ask a few I've had lately!
Question 1) Do v1 minis have serial numbers on them? I bought a cheap one at a garage sale and there's a number underneath the bolt (like where you adjust the velocity) and it's super low, so just wondering if I have a cool old mini or if it's just a number I don't know about!
Question 2) I pumped an 04 prostock, and the velocity is wacky. Originally it was 101ish, when i tuned it up I got 3 consistent 270 (what I wanted) then a haywire one (105) then 3 more consistent, then another haywire (305) any idea what's going on?
Question 3) I picked up a super cheap rotor and stuck it on the mini and played some speedball for the first time, holy crap I'm in love! However, I would loveeeeee to upgrade the mini eventually (after I get a better tank), and I was thinking an old school super marker (no budget yet because it's the future, but probably $500ish) or an Axe, I really want something with an OLED, but I really don't know what to look at in the electric market. Any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated!!!
Also, sorry for all the questions and the massive block of text

Got a quick question!

03 April 2014 - 05:50 PM

What's a reasonable price on a never been used 98 autococker in it's oringinal box? Not sealed, but the gun is pristine looking. I feel like that's kind of a rarity, or is it common to find all stock LNIB old 'cockers?

I know nothing of autocockers, help me!

29 March 2014 - 07:52 PM

Ok, so I recently bought a 2004 Prostock (I think) auto cocker with the intention of turning it into a pump
However, I was messing around seeing if I could get it to shoot without the pump. It aired up fine and shot, decently timed, good enough. But, the velocity was wayyyy too high, I thought maybe adjusting the LPR would change the velocity (I now know it doesn't necessarily and the proper way to adjust velocity) well, I changed it too high, and two of the hoses popped off. The first hose (don't remember which one) attached fine, no problems there, however, the hose attaching the LPR to the 3-way pops off everytime I adjust the LPR to shoot able levels. It doesn't pop off automatically, but when it doesn't, the pressure is really low and the paintballs just roll out of the barrel...
I would like to know how to fix this in case I get tired of playing it pump, or just wanna mix it up. Thanks!

Can anyone identify this gun?

08 March 2014 - 08:08 PM

A family friend recently gave it to me, I think it's an auto cocker, but I know nothing about them! Any info on it would help a lot! I think it's missing a bolt as well!

Pics: http://imgur.com/a/jRUFK