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electronic quick disconnects

21 July 2011 - 05:51 PM

i'm trying to find a good, small QDs to use in a wiring harness. i'm looking for something smaller than MicroDeans QDs. i have another set, but i'm not fully happy with them. i can use the set i have, but want to see what else people have found and have used.

need some electronics help

27 April 2011 - 03:34 PM

please move to an appropriate forum if applicable

now, for the ICD community, i have taken it upon myself to get the materials and tools to start building new harnesses. if anyone doesn't know, ICD stock harnesses where the weak point of the gun. the wires used were 26g and sometimes if you looked at them wrong, they broke. so i have all the specs for the new harnesses, but the info i have is well older. most was compiled over 5 years ago, and well, electronics supplies don't last long. either they are deemed obsolete by the manufacturer or they just replaced it with something better. either way, the ICDO(Indian Creek Design Owners) does not have a replacement for the PDS eye system.

now, i am a mechanic here, i don't know electronics well enough to judge what will work, what would work and what won't work. i am just putting these together. i'm pricing out the parts for the harness and i have all the specs for them. so far the only problem is the infrared sensors and transmitters. Digikey doesn't list any and the ones they list for stock are "obsolete". i don't know enough about what i can replace them with as well as what will work with the harnesses.

here are the part numbers from www.mouser.com:

PDS sensor - 512-QED522
PDS transmitter - 512-QSD722

these are the part numbers for the OEM. the next are the list for the suggest replacement parts for them.


so if anyone how knows the requirements and basically which ones which would, could, should work then let me know. i know i could try a hunt and find on which ones could work, i figured maybe try the academic approach first. so let me know which ones to try and i will.

i will check here, but if you wish to come over to ICDO, please do.