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08 May 2011 - 12:06 PM


Best Mask On The Market

03 May 2011 - 07:16 PM

We have got your Invisions , Events, Protos and Vforce series .
Also the new angeleyes look like something that could be a top mask , it certainly has a top mask price tag .

Whats your favorite mask in paint ball .
I need advice on a top tournament mask .

The Ultimate Super Loader VS Thread (Rotor VS Prophecy)

01 May 2011 - 11:40 AM

I'm new to the techpb forum but not paintball.
I'm stuck on which loader to buy between The Rotor and Prophecy(Sorry,not looking for a Pinokio)

I know all about each of the loaders and I know Ill never outshoot a rotor or a prophecy,the rotor will not constantly feed 50 or 40 balls unless you have a crazy modified dm8,and dye is shooting it.

The prophecy dose not break,it bends in.
The prophecy holds 230-240 stock and has additional shells of 200 or 280 you can purchase.

Rotor holds 190-200 Stock.With a shell that you can buy and will hold 215-230.
Ive seen all the videos on both these hoppers about durability and everything.

I'm not worried that the rotor can be cleaned in and out in 30 seconds while you can only take off the prophecys front shell in that time.

I'm NOT at all worried about money,I have money for the loader even an RF chip(prophecy)and a speedfeed for either loader.

I know almost everything you can know about these two specific superloaders and this week I will finally purchase one.

So I need an UNBIASED opinion on which to buy.
I don't care that the rotors faster and has better battery life.
Or that the prophecy has a higher ball capacity and a ripdrive.

All in all I Have the money for either hopper and need your thoughts on which to get if you had the money to buy either one with a speedfeed and possible an RF chip(prophecy)