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is this a good computer for gaming, all around use, and for the price?

12 July 2011 - 06:02 PM


Which BMX bike should i buy?

31 October 2010 - 09:19 AM

I BMX almost every day on trails or just do street or whatever. I'm not that great yet but i'm getting better. Anyhow, i want a new bike for christmas, because i'm currently riding a haro sr20 which is designed for racing, and its getting really beat up.

I'm looking for a bike in the $500 range. The bike i want has to have a few requirements: Sealed 3-peice cranks, sealed rear cassette, and sealed front hub. I also want 25/9 gearing or lower. I want a 100% chromoly frame and mainly chromoly parts. Has to have a u-brake. I would like removable brake mounts. I want my headtube to be drilled for gyro tabs. Has to have a pivotal seat and seat post. I prefer plastic pedals because getting hit in the shin with medal pedals sucks so bad.

Double wall rims are a plus. Female front axle is a plus. Half link chains are a plus. But the last three things i can do without.

Here are a few bikes i'm looking at:

http://www.danscomp....5.php?cat=BIKES In the blue color
http://www.danscomp....4.php?cat=BIKES In the raw color.
http://www.danscomp....5.php?cat=BIKES In the black and green color.
http://www.danscomp....8.php?cat=BIKES In the black color.
http://www.danscomp....3.php?cat=BIKES In the grey color.
http://www.danscomp....4.php?cat=BIKES In the black/ blue color.
http://www.danscomp....7.php?cat=BIKES In the black color.

Please dont base your selection just on brand or color.