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06 May 2011 - 09:27 PM

Been playing here since I got back into the swing of the game. Sucks because I can't always make it out to the field on the weekends.

I agree with what you said, though. The guys - staff and refs - that work at the field (how does an iPhone get "rhetoric" out of "the field"?) are really good at what they do - paintball. I say the staff and refs separately because the refs are volunteers. They play just the same as everyone else. Great group of people, too.

The shop - located on Holland drive - is fully stocked. Electro and mechanical markers, CO2 and HPA tanks, loads of gear for play, and even some casual stuff. Great place if you're looking to start playing seriously, or for rec play. Personally, I got my Mini and just recently got my Etek from there. Waiting for the weekend (May 7th) to field test the Etek.

Great place to play, great shop to start, and friendly people that run the place. Overall, I highly recommend the place. They haven't steered me wrong, at all. If you stop by, I'll be seeing you on the field.

P.S. No I don't work there. I just enjoy the people and the field. Now, to the field!