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In Topic: New ICP reg system.

06 July 2011 - 08:22 PM

No one is meaning to criticize you. We are giving you feedback, which apparently, you ignore. slow down you guns, spend money on comfort and reliability, and fix the reg (i do like how you lowered the pressure). You customers and paintball players whant a out of this world product at this time in paintball, and right now, your products are (no offense intended) bullshit. You have AMAZING potential, just edit your products to fit the player's prefrences, and you will be swimming in cash! The way I see it, Mike draws a HUGE audience, and has great influence over people's opinions. Just look at Smart Parts, Some of his videos he trash talked them, but he LOVED the vibe/sp1, because they had stuff that the other guns didn't. If you get Mike to like you products, that is a major win. Im not kissing up to Mike, but be honest, he has influenced our opinions at least once! I can see ICP doing VERY well, if they change a few things. (besides, eliminating the double triggers/solenoids save money you know)

Will, and hopefully a future customer

I promise you we watch all of this feedback, and are taking everything into account as it is posted. Never the less this is out first run of the product in the prototyping stages and changes will be made over the coming months, =]

In Topic: New ICP reg system.

06 July 2011 - 01:08 PM

To ICPaintball.com: Thanks for reading the threads and lowering the operating pressure to 100psi. I hope you haven't been taking my criticism as an attack like little neck did. I genuninelly want to see your company suceed, and I will be inline to buy this reg when it becomes available to test it against the competition. Keep trying guys, I know you have the determination and obvious engineering ability to make great parts and markers. Even Babe Ruth asked for batting practice and coaching!

Thank you very much.

I need a new regulator in about 2 months so I'd LOVE to support you guys in making a top notch product.

I'm not sure when these will be up on the market. We are still working towards completing the whole marker, and must put them into production as well. But we will keep everyone updated on the process!

In Topic: New ICP reg system.

06 July 2011 - 12:16 PM

Well everyone should be happy to hear that I just got confirmation on the reg being set to 100-600 psi.

Thank you for your feedback.

In Topic: New ICP reg system.

06 July 2011 - 11:08 AM

I have to be completely honest here, ICPaintball I LOVE the fact that you are trying so hard to get feedback from the paintball community at large. That said, I feel like you pretend to listen, then do whatever the hell you want anyway.

We all liked the whole "camera in the feedneck" thing but we've asked for slimmer, lighter profiles from the start and products we can actually use (ie tournament legal, functional parts) and yet again you show something you are clearly excited about that just isn't functional in today's markers.

Keep trying guys, we do love shiny new things, but we like them to be BETTER (read: not equal too or less than) our current setups.

We have. We are in the process of changing the body style - Which we announced. We have made the double trigger optional and able to switch out for 1 full sized in under 5 minutes [making tournament legal] - Which we announced. ect.
Maybe you should follow our facebook page so your not uninformed ;]

Yeah, I'm not going to be following your facebook... just not
But I have been following your posts here and on that "other" paintball forum and I feel like you are taking my post the wrong way.

The body was not my personal fav, but I let it slide
The dual trigger switch was tournament illegal and not original (see kingman), but I let it slide
The fact that you responded to the other posts by saying "ok well, here's this new thing" didn't seem correct to me, but I let it slide

But here you are promoting a product that has HEAVY HEAVY competition by reputable and established companies (cp, aka, etc) and you make it between 200-600psi? No, and it looks like the only marker the lines will fit are your previous prototype marker body. Just No on this product. Finish your marker, I'm dying to see if it will be worth my money.

I agree with him. An aftermarket reg 200-600 psi has no chance against a Custom Products reg which has been proven and is a favorite of thousands of players worldwide. This hunk of metal has no chance at all against Custom Products. Has this reg won a TechPB award? No. Will it? Doubtful. What you guys need to do is actually sit down, look at a CP reg and compare it to yours. You'll be able to see the difference immediatly. Because quite frankly, that thing has a LONG way to go before it can compete with a CP reg.

The fact of the matter is, more than one of us goes through this feedback. I myself am not the engineer so I can't immediately address this. However I should have an answer for you shortly on account of this matter. Sorry I don't call the shots.

In Topic: New ICP reg system.

05 July 2011 - 08:50 PM

We hope we do too.