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Rocked the spire today

19 August 2012 - 03:56 PM

So I traded my rotor for a spire one game. On gun it feels pretty much like the rotor just with a slightly lower profile. As soon as I shot I literally stopped and stared at the thing. It feels so... Busy. You actively feel stuff moving in there almost like an oscillation. It fed great 12.5 no problems no jams maybe three pods in humid air. Seemed good except for the feeling but well see how it does. Maybe not v max round 2 but...

PBAs speedball field

23 May 2012 - 12:05 PM

does anyone know if they put that back up yet?

First Tournament Paper

24 January 2012 - 01:24 AM

I had to write a narrative for english so um paintball yeah. Tell me what you think please! :)

“8 6 7 5 3 O 9!” My eyes open and Istare at my alarm clock. It is a Sunday. Why on earth is Tommy Tutone singinghis catchy 80’s hit at six in the morning? Oh. It’s today. “Jenny Jenny, whocan I tur.” Off goes Tommy.

Iwas hours away from my first paintball tournament. As I stumbled across theroom to get dressed I felt the awful urge to give my bed a hug. Just five moreminutes. But no. Paintball, my passion, was not going to wait for sleep.

Two.Three. Four layers were put on. The door shut and the early April chill whippedright through me. Hauling my bag to the car, I saw the familiar sunrise. I gotinto my Subaru and the engine just barely turned over.

Iarrived at the field early. My team had all arrived safely. We set up, boughtpaint and got the schedule. Our first tournament paintball game was a few turnsaway. A buzzer sounded and everyone stood to watch the first game. How was thefield affecting things? Was the jungle of balloon like bunkers set up in a goodway? All of the sudden the coordinator calls my team. About twenty minutespassed by in a flash. It was time. My team was generally prepared. We knew whatto do so out onto the field we went. I had drilled my friends to try to makethem better. For a few months we strove to get better.

Thebuzzer goes again. This one was even more abrupt than Mr. Tutone. The three ofus go up guns blazing and we get to our bunkers. But slowly we got picked off.Within sixty seconds the game was over. Mistakes were made but it’s okay. Firstgame of the day right? I told my friends to keep going. Play tight like we hadpracticed. There was no reason that we should get rolled again like the firstgame. I didn’t come to this tournament expecting first place, but I did think we would be able to contend.

Ournext game was looming. Beaten to our knees in the first game, we weredetermined to finish this one out. We lined up. This time our nerves weren’t aspresent. We could still do well.

Samebuzzer. Same game.

Wehad lost again. Again. Now I wanted to hold my own against these teams. It was nothappening. In fact we weren’t coming close. We were tied for last. What washappening? I thought that we may not beat everyone but getting destroyed wasnot on the forecast for that Sunday.

Afew more games came and went with similar results. It was clear that we hadentered with overconfidence. After each game, my mask came off and thudded onour table. Sweat poured out of us even on that thirty degree day. At this pointin the tournament, it was pretty clear cut who was winning and who was not asfortunate. To my surprise when I saw the scoreboard we were third from last.One team (The Elmos) was below us and another had forfeited. Being eighteenthout of twenty (or nineteen really) was more than disheartening. But wait! Next onour schedule was the Elmos. I had seen them play and in pure gun skill we weresuperior. Should be an easy match. Our only one of the day.

Ifwe deserved to enter any of our games with confidence it was this one. Hungerwas the only word that could be used to describe our feelings. We wanted thatwin.

Setup. My barrel was pointed back away from the other team. The buzzer went. Allthree guns went up and started rolling. Four steps to the right. Adjust aim tothe bunker that mirrored my own. Five steps forward. All three players on bothsides had survived the breakout (approximately first ten seconds). Paintcontinued to fly. I look to my left. One teammate had been eliminated. Two onthree. Shouldn’t be too hard considering we were playing a team of a father andtwo sons. I snap out to try to avoid incoming paint. Three shots go acrossfield and narrowly miss who I had determined to be their best player. I turnagain. My other friend is walking off the field. Really? Three on one.

Finallya lucky break came and one of them stood in the open. He left with severalshots on him. A two on one was manageable. I run across field and catch anotherone of them playing sloppy. He left the field. One on one. Now it was theirgood player. We both had similar bunkers. Equally matched in terms of position,this was a fair fight. This was going to be the longest snap battle of my career.Two minutes pass of us exchanging paint. I go left high, right low to over thetop. Popping out of different sides makes it less likely to get hit. Finally itended. I got clipped on the very edge of my mask. I turn to a ref and hesignals that I was eliminated. I punched that air with enough force to knockout an elephant. My head looked to the sky and then I focused on the dirt.Outside of the field my mask made a louder thud as I smashed it into the table.

Ittook a lot of self-control to keep from yelling at my teammates. How had theygotten out in that game? That was our chance. It was too late. Our nextscheduled game was against the first place team. I toyed with the idea ofplaying super aggressively just to say that we did something. I would ratherget shot out half way up the field than to die in the back bunkers again. Forsome reason we decided to play it conservatively. Our spirits were brokenanyway. Losing to this team wouldn’t be any worse.

Thebuzzer sounded and as the game progressed, people from both sides left thefield. It was a one on one again. But this time my opponent got shot out. Iwasn’t even sure of what happened as I ran the flag in to win the game. I leftthe field and went back to my team. One of those permanent smiles was plasteredon my face. The kind that you got when you first drove a car on your own. Mymask lightly touched the table as I grabbed my friend in a huge man-hug. Theother got a handshake/hug combo. We may not have beaten the worst team but ourvictory knocked the best team out of the finals. The next and last game cameand went. Now finally we had gotten it right. We won again.

Nowhereeven close to the finals and still in the lower half of teams, we couldn’t havebeen happier. Looking back I would say that we entered the tournament with abad mindset. A mindset that made most of the day miserable. But the way the tournamentwent makes me happy that it went the way it did. We left that day with morethan we had come with. The day ended well but I remembered one more thing.There was a certain bed that really needed a hug.

PSP dates are set

23 December 2011 - 01:22 PM

5 events!!

Grillz thermal mirrors

22 December 2011 - 07:31 PM

asking anyone that has used the new thermal lenses for the grillz with the mirror coating. Do they end up peeling like the old ones do?