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In Topic: Blacklist Media NPPL DC

05 October 2011 - 12:17 PM

WOW! I really like the quality and editing on this one... GJ!
Looks like a lot of work!

In Topic: 1st gun, 1st picture of me!

25 August 2011 - 07:57 AM

0.o check your headgame bro, you need an hk headband or something.

Yeah, it's my next purchase! cause i got one right in the forehead, hurt like a hammer slam!!! picture incoming...

In Topic: Official Action Pictures Thread

24 August 2011 - 12:21 PM

Posted Image

In Topic: unicorns + paintball = ?

15 July 2011 - 09:21 AM

just WTF...
Can't believe i lost my time watching this!

In Topic: Tourny Game Footage!

11 July 2011 - 06:30 AM

FIRST! and lol a the moon walk guy at the end of the vid!!! pretty slick