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help on pump guns- best midrange pump- best guns top convert to pump?

15 May 2011 - 11:34 PM

I want to either make or buy a pump gun to help improve my game and save paint, but idk what pump guns are good and I don't know how to convert normal guns into pumps. I would rather convert one into a pump but I'm not sure which guns are best. If you have anyknowledge on this please help

More paintball in sw missouri

14 May 2011 - 01:51 PM

I am a 16 year old kid who loves sports. I started playing paintball when i turned 11 on my birthday at a field in Ozark,MO and i have been hooked ever since! I got my hands on as many magazines and videos i could find, but being an 11yr old kid i didnt have many chances to play so i played it smart and got my step dad involved in it to. Now me and him both go crazy on the sport. The only problem is there is not a very good source for paintball around here. 2 fields have closed down 1 kept its proshop ,which doesnt have much, and the other was the best proshop we had around here! So now we have been forced to order online, which is a hassle for a giddy teenage boy waiting for his new hopper to ship in. Among the other fields we have a place with a small proshop, amazing woodsball field, friendly refs, but a field less than suffiecent for my speedball needs. (wooden spools for bunkers,every single one the same shape a circle) we also have another place, nice and clean, decent speedball field(isn't alwasys aired up or wiped off), a larger proshop but not much selection, and decent woodsball fields(when mowed). Dont get me wrong i love these two fields, there just isnt an amazing proshp to go with either of these and one style of field out weighs the other. There is one other field that is not very good, no saftey precations (kids shooting the ground in the rest areas with googles off), i havent seen the field but they only have 1 woodsball field i have heard, but i have been in there proshop once and it was the smallest out of the 3 but had a largest selection of gear crammed into a trailer.

Not only do we have a shortage of a good balanced paintball field around (good woodsball fields, good speedball field, good proshop) but slowly all my paintball magazines have started to slowly dissapear. I used to find all of my mags in wallmart but i had to start going to the Barnes & Noble to find my favorite mag, Facefull. Soon after that they all started to dissappear. I havent been able to find a Facefulll around here in a LONG time, and if you like paintball like i do you need your magazines! Also there has not been a tourney, besides toys for tots, i have heard of in forever. My first tourney was cancelled because their was only 2 teams.

Someone needs to help this sport grow in missouri, we need a good field or at least a good proshop. an indoor field would be nice too. So if your looking to open a nice paintball field take it down here to SW missouri.

Also have more tourneys!