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G6r setup with ups COME AND GET IT!

12 January 2012 - 07:08 PM

gonna make a new thread soon

Smoke pinokio

09 November 2011 - 08:33 PM

up for sale is my pinokio hopper. I bought this bad boy brand new like 5 months ago from the JR. its is My backup hopper used for only about 6 practices when my rotor would jam up. Comes with everything it would stock. Long nose, short nose, lid/spring and box. I also have an exalt speedfeed that broke but can be fixed with some gorilla glue or tape.

Item: Smoke Pinokio hopper
Condition: 9/10
Known Problems: none
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: Rotor, Z2 prohpecy, ANYTHING JUST OFFER
Location of item: Miami
What is Included:Smoke pinokio, stock lid/spring, small and long cone, and box, and broken exalt speedfeed if you want

Pics make the pinokio look a worse then what it is. I will try to get some better pics up with an actual camera, not a phone.
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Trades of interest.
Rotor I might add
Z2 prophecy I add
offer up im open to any trade

Ninja Grillz cheap!

12 September 2011 - 08:59 PM

Item: Grillz with 2 lenses (smoke and clear)
Condition: smoke lens 6/10 (clear film peeling) Mask9/10 Clear lens 7.89/10
Known Problems: Just on the smoke lens seems like the clear film on the outside of the lens is coming off a bit really cant see it when looking through though
Asking Price: 50 with the box but extra lens without case 45 with out the box.
Shipping Options: usps
Trades of interest: Critical pod pack, tank in hydro 68/4500 has to have ninja reg., venomwear, empire gloves no trigger fingers, Prophecy Z2 loader ( will add with the stuff that is more expensive)
Location of item: miami
What is Included: Mask, 2 lenses, bag and box if paid for.

THe mask really is in great shape. Used for maybe 2 or 3 months. Nothing wrong with padding. JUst the lens... i hate vforce lenses I have the worst luck with them. So yea these are up for sale, I have events and profits....
Send me some different trades im all ears.

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MIDNIGHT GEO 2 with ups FS/T

12 September 2011 - 07:47 PM


Marker: Geo 2
Color:Midnight (swapped back cap and accents)
Upgrades: Red SL trigger
Known Problems: tits get bruised when shot
Asking Price: 800 OBO (PRICEEE DROP!!!!)
Shipping Options:USPS
Trades of interest: Luxe+$/Luxe1.5 i add/ Ripper vic/ VicV2/ CloneVX
Location of item:Miami
What is Included: Everything it would new.

So guys the only reason this gun is 8.5/10 is because of some rub on the macroline fittings. Everything else is awesome and shoots like a dream. Shot counter right now is at 6000 in change but i remember resetting it when I first got it and then it was at around 5000. Im honest in my listings and dont put 9/10 like everyone else does when the marker has worn grips and whatnot. this gun is great. I just love my g6r's efficiency. I will see if this weekend I can put some paint through it for a shooting vid. I will be at world cup this year if anyone wants to take a look at it then as well.

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offer up guys worst i can say is no.

vacation in tampa

05 August 2011 - 08:42 PM

So I'm here in Tampa staying right across from the USF campus and bush gardens. I'm gonna ball tomm. and I called wickedsports and of course they recommended blitzkriegand I called tiki and of course they said adventure sports. but I know Mike likes orbital. I'm playing with my chick and I'm primarily a Speedball player but don't mind playing woods. so where to go? I just want a good atmosphere with a big game with mixed skilled players so my chick can have fun .... I'm playing tom. morning so let me know.