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Airsoft Glasses vs paintballs

08 February 2013 - 04:22 AM

So there's a milsim club here in my town who started off with RAM markers (.43 cal powderball) but have expanded to shoot pretty much anything including paintball MGs for heavy support, etc. - including .68 cal powderball.

Here's the rub: many of them don't bother with goggles at all, instead wearing unsealed airsoft glasses. I guess they think it looks cooler.
They do use minimum engagement distances and are pretty strict on gun safety, but seem to have no idea that paintball safety isn't quite the same as real gun safety. They've taken the attitude that each player is responsible for their own safety - if you don't want to war proper eyewear they wont make you. It's kind of annoying since I'd like to play some milsim/magfed and this is the only club in this city, but they are clowns.

Anyway what I'd like to see is what happens when a .68 cal paintball hits the lens of a pair of unsealed airsoft glasses. I understand that a shot near the lens is likely to send fragments under the glasses and into the eye, but what about a direct hit? Will they even stop it? Will the lens pop out?

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^ note .68 cal ram shotgun, and dude with unsealed glasses. It's not just staged, that's how they play.