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Poppets in rain

09 September 2012 - 02:36 PM

Like the title says, I just want to find out from some people's personal experience of how poppets perform while it is raining.

I live in Florida and have used spools like shockers/rails/Dms in heavy rain with no issues, but when I owned an etek2 for over a year, I honestly can't remember using it in any reasonable amount of rain to judge. Since I am in Florida, I expect to play in at least mild rain once in a while ,so I was wondering if poppets have any issues with the bolt being exposed.

Also, I haven't seen this issue since a friend's intimidator got dirt/dust in where the rammer is since our field was all dirt, but how do egos/eteks hold up on dirt fields as well.

Thanks in advance, and please only personal experience answers.


03 September 2011 - 03:38 PM

"Planet Eclipses guns outperform nothing. Take the Geo 2.1, it has a good ASA, good board, good trigger, easy maintenance and so on. None of which are performance figures. Compare it to something like a Clone VX, smoother, quieter, more efficient. Compare it to a DM, smoother, quieter and more efficient. Same story with a Luxe, smoother quieter and efficiency is pretty much the same actually.

The Ego 11 is the same, amazing parts on the gun, but performance leaves something to be desired. The G6R beats it in all categories, as does the Victory etc.

Planet Eclipse have never made amazing performing guns, if you wanted a gun purely for performance that was made by Planet Eclipse, before the Ego 10 and Ego 11 the Etek 2, Etek 3 and Etek 1 would have exactly the same performance."

Something Cookie said in another thread and just about the only thing I've ever agreed with him on leads me to ask a question. Why are do so many people choose PE when their markers have never had particularly strong performances compared to many other companies?'

This is not a troll or flame thread. This is an honest curiosity of why so many people do use PE markers when there are many other better performing alternatives.

If you want to troll/flame then just do yourself a favor and don't bother posting.

Annoying Misconception

28 August 2011 - 04:57 PM

Yes, I'll even admit that the proto rails have had more bad apples from the factory then they should but I'm tired of seeing posts that are all "OMFG rails are so unreliable I see them go down every weekend"......

Besides the from the factory problems that a marker may have, Proto Rails since 2007 have been very reliable as long as they are maintained properly. If you see one that "went down" then it is nothing more than user error on the person's part or something isn't right from the factory.

Before you spout out un-based accusations of Proto rails being unreliable, consider who is using it.

Why do they seem to go down a lot you may ask?

A lot of the people that are going to be buying Proto rails are people newer to electronic markers and particularly spool valve markers which do require specific care and knowledge. Since these people often don't know exactly what they are doing, the markers are prone to having small problems that are immediately diagnosed as "OMG this marker sucks and is broken" when in fact it is normally user error.

Talk to people that have had extensive experience with spool valve markers and that have owned rails and you will find out they are just as reliable as any other marker out there if properly maintained.....


2011 Rail/Reflex watch this

20 August 2011 - 08:03 PM

If you own either of them watch this video.